What is your happiest childhood memory?

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Happiest childhood memories would be when we would visit our grandparents during our summer vacations. It used to be fun. Those days were really exciting and it always remains our fondest memories of childhood which were full of innocence, play and no worries about anything in life.

What is a good childhood memory?

Home or away, getting out in the fresh air seems to help lay the foundations for lasting memories: playing in the park, learning to ride a bike and playing playground games also made the top 10, while climbing trees and playing conkers snuck into the top 20.

What is your favorite childhood memory answer?

My favorite memory from childhood is to learn knitting of woolen clothes from my grandmother. Explanation: She also taught me how to make flowers and leaves as a embroidery over the clothes. This was a wonderful experience, now I am mother of two children and i have designed so many clothes from wool.

What are the main characteristics of childhood?

Characteristics of early childhoodl A period of physical development.l A period of language development.l A period of emotional development.l A period of social development.l A period of development of understanding.l A period of development of interests.

How do you describe a cute little boy?

Ways to Describe a Cute Baby Boyfetching.fair.attractive.knockout.lovely.seemly.taking.well-favored.

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