What is the song on the Strongbow advert?

What is the song on the Strongbow advert?

Together in Electric Dreams
In the advert, Newcastle-based musicians Rob Waters and Chris Kinley perform a crescendo-building version of 80s classic ‘Together in Electric Dreams’, which peaks with an uplifting sing-a-long in The Schooner, a pub which regularly hosts live music.

Who sings the Strongbow advert 2020?

The two guys performing the heartwarming live music cover in the Strongbow advert are guitarist and singer Chris Kinley, and pianist and singer Rob Waters. Sadly, this cover hasn’t been released for streaming or to download. The duo have been performing as Waters/Kinley, and can be found via their Facebook page here.

Who are the band in the new Strongbow advert?

The campaign is running across TV, video-on-demand channels, out-of-home advertising, and social media platforms, featuring a 30-second clip of British band The Snuts performing a cover of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City”.

Where is the Strongbow advert filmed?

Filmed during a live music night on location at The Schooner pub in Gateshead in North East England, this latest Strongbow advert points out that the cider company has been “Refreshing People Since 1960”.

Who sang together in electric dreams?

Giorgio Moroder
Philip Oakey
Together In Electric Dreams/Artists

What is the Sainsbury advert song?

The music in the advert The music in the 2021 Sainsbury’s Price Lock advert is the 1958 song “Over and Over” recorded by American R&B singer Bobbdy Day (real name Robert Byrd).

Who is the band in the Strongbow ad summer in the city?

The Snuts
The Snuts – Summer In The City (Strongbow UK Advert) | Facebook.

Who sang Electric Avenue?

Eddy Grant
Electric Avenue/Artists

What year did the song Electric Dreams come out?

Together In Electric Dreams/Released

Who does the voiceover for the Sainsbury’s advert 2021?

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry narrates Sainsbury’s ad debuting new strapline. TV presenter and actor voices supermarket’s latest ad, which promotes eating more vegetables as a sustainable and healthy option.

Are the family in the Asda advert a real family?

ASDA’S Christmas advert for 2020 has landed and it’s about how Christmas will be different this year due to coronavirus. Featuring a real-life family, the advert follows them getting ready for the festive season by decorating their house and stocking up for Christmas Day.

What is the meaning behind the song Electric Avenue?

It refers to a real place in London, and tells the story of a poor man who beholds the things in life he could never achieve. Electric Avenue is a shopping area in the Brixton section of London, named because is was the first street in the area to get electric lights.

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