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What is the roughest part of Memphis?

What is the roughest part of Memphis?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Memphis, TN

  • Shelby Forest-Frayser.
  • Berclair-Highland Heights.
  • Midtown.
  • White Haven-Coro Lake. Population 88,153.
  • Raleigh. Population 54,460.
  • East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire. Population 107,753.
  • Hickory Ridge-South Riverdale. Population 92,024.
  • River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral. Population 42,038.

What towns are in Memphis TN?

Cities in Memphis and Surrounding Areas

  • Arlington.
  • Atoka.
  • Bartlett.
  • Braden.
  • Brighton.
  • Burlison.
  • Collierville.
  • Cordova.

How many parts of Memphis is there?

Located in the greater Shelby County region, 6 municipalities ring Memphis: Bartlett, Germantown, Arlington, Millington, Collierville, and Lakeland.

Where do the wealthy live in Memphis?

Germantown is well-known as the Memphis metro’s most affluent area, and the homes there reflect that wealth.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Memphis?

Detailed List Of The Richest Neighborhoods In Memphis For 2021

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income<
1 Windyke-Southwind $85,767
2 Eads-Fisherville $77,857
3 Cordova-Appling $65,003
4 River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral $64,831

What’s the bad part of Memphis called?

The most dangerous neighborhood in Memphis is Shelby Forest-Frayser, due to the higher murder rate and the 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. Next is Downtown Parkway Village-Oakhaven, White Haven-Coro Lake, and Berclair-Highland Heights.

Is Graceland in a bad neighborhood?

Graceland is a must-visit site for Elvis fans and history buffs, but the area can be dangerous, especially at night. Choose a hotel or motel in a safer part of the city, and plan a visit to Graceland during the day. Take proper precautions when you do visit the Graceland area.

What area is south Memphis?

South Memphis has many well-known neighborhoods including Whitehaven, Lauderdale Sub, Longview, Riverside, Lakeview Gardens, Prospect Park, Dukestown, Gaslight Square, Wilbert Heights, Mallory Heights, Dixie Heights, Barton Heights, Elliston Heights, Handy Holiday, Chickasaw Village, Pine Hill, Indian Hills, Bunker …

What town is outside of Memphis TN?

1. Collierville. Just a few miles east of Memphis, the town of Collierville combines sprawling suburbia with old-time Tennessee town…

Is Germantown considered Memphis?

Germantown is a city in Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. The population was 38,844 at the 2010 census. Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, bordering it to the east-southeast.

What are the best suburbs of Memphis?

One of the more desirable suburbs of Memphis is Collierville, TN. The community, which is about 30 minutes outside the city, has a wonderful small town feel as well as some of the best schools in the area.

Where is the safest place to live in Memphis TN?

Germantown is the safest neighborhoods in the Memphis, TN area. Germantown is a suburb of Memphis. The city hosts many horse shows and competitions annually, most notably the Germantown Charity Horse Show in June. Other major annual events include the Germantown Festival, arts, and crafts fair, in September.

What are the suburbs of Memphis?

Memphis is Tennessee’s most populous city and is at the centre of the state’s second largest metropolitan area. Aside from West Memphis, Arkansas, Memphis’s main suburbs include Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, and Millington in Tennessee and Horn Lake, Olive Branch, and Southaven in Mississippi.

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