What is the reference method for cables in trunking?

What is the reference method for cables in trunking?


Conductor Cross Sectional Area Reference Method A (enclosed in conduit in thermally insulating wall etc.) Reference Method B (enclosed in conduit on a wall or in trunking etc.)
1 11 13.5
1.5 14.5 17.5
2.5 20 24

What size is CPC in 10mm twin and earth?

4mm cpc
why does 10mm T&E have a 4mm CPC, when it should be at least half conductor cross sectional area. The cable I refer ton is branded “basec”, from a reputable supplier.

What are the two types of referencing?

The two types of referencing styles are the author-date system and documentary note system.

What reference method is tray?

the tray. The current-carrying capacity for cables attached to perforated cable trays should be taken as Reference Methods E or F.

What reference method is in a stud wall?

If it is a stud wall with thermal insulation, it will be either Method 102 or 103 (see Table 4A2 on page 265 of the Regulations).

Is 6mm cable OK for a 9.5 kW shower?

Yes you are correct in stating that the cable is not capable of carrying the full load of your shower (at 230volts) going by the tables in the regs (you should use 4D5A though for T&E) for a cable that is anything other than clipped directly to the wall.

When to make reference to a cable manufacturer?

If the specific installation parameters are known (thermal resistance of the ground, ground ambient temperature, cable depth), reference can be made to the cable manufacturer or the ERA 69-30 series of publications, which may result in a smaller cable size being selected.

Can you wire a house without reference method B?

Taking this summary, then it’s virtually impossible to wire a house without using reference method B. 4mm cable, ref B is rated at 30A – YET the OSG details a 32A, 4mm radial circuit as an approved circuit (A2 I think). Therefore it would seem safe to assume that the CCC of 30A is okay for use with a 32A breaker?

How are reference methods used in a house?

A basic house with floor boards would have different reference methods for different circuits and also different methods for the same circuit. A Twin and Earth may be run up a wall clipped in a cupboard from the CCU, then laid under the floor and down the wall in metal conduit in the wall to a cooker panel.

What’s the best way to install cable on a wall?

Method C C – Single core or multi-core cable on a wooden wall This method also applies to cables fixed directly to walls or ceilings, suspended from ceilings, installed on unperforated cable trays (run horizontally or vertically) and installed directly in a masonry wall (with thermal resistivity less than 2 K.m/W).

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