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What is the diminished scale formula?

What is the diminished scale formula?

The diminished scale, also known as the whole half scale, is an eight note scale with a numeric formula of 1-2-♭3-4-♭5-♯5-6-7-8/1. The diminished scale can be written in three keys (E♭, D and D♭) which will cover every other key.

What scale goes with a diminished chord?

The best way to approach this is probably to take a look at the scale that is the key. In this case that is F major as shown in example 2. If we alter this scale to contain a Dim chord then we get either an A harmonic minor scale or you could also choose a C harmonic major scale.

Is there a diminished key?

Due to the fact that the tonic triad of the major key is the major triad, and the tonic triad of the minor key is the minor triad, if there’s a diminished key, its tonic triad would be the diminished triad. If there’s a key of C augmented, the C augmented triad: …would be its tonic triad.

Are there only 4 diminished chords?

Therefore, chords E , G , B and D are enharmonic to each other, and they are the only four diminished chords containing the note E. Its notes (E, G, B ) are also on the radius going by note E. NOTE: The suspended 4th and suspended 7th Chords are not considered here, because they are not built by 3rds, but by 4ths.

Where is the diminished scale used?

The diminished scale is used to solo over diminished 7 (Dim7) chords. The diminished scale is different from the dominant diminished scale, which alternates half and whole steps and is used to solo over dominant 7b9 chords.

Are there only 3 diminished chords?

The diminished chord is built out of minor 3rds (3 semitones). Because of this the diminished chord repeats at intervals of minor thirds. This means there are only 3 unique diminished chords: Cdim7 = E♭dim7 = G♭dim7 = Adim7.

What makes a chord diminished?

A diminished chord is a type of chord that contains a minor 3rd (three half steps above the root) coupled with a diminished 5th (six half steps above the root).

When to use the dominant diminished scale on guitar?

After learning the lick in a number of keys, try soloing over minor ii V Is or tunes with minor ii V Is, and apply the dominant diminished scale and pattern as you solo over each V7alt chord in the progression. You can also apply this dominant diminished scale pattern when soloing over a jazz blues chord progression.

How to play diminished chords on a guitar?

Two common ways of playing diminished chords on the guitar are shown below: Diminished Scale Guitar Diagram 1. Tonic notes are shown as white circles. In these diminished scale diagrams, any of the white circles can be considered to be the root / tonic note of the scale.

What can you do with the diminished scale?

The diminished scale is a highly useful resource for adding spice to solos, creating unique licks and formulating modernist note sequences. Confusion often stems from the misunderstanding of the term, as it is often misused to describe the type of licks found in FIGURE 1.

Can You solo over a diminished seventh chord?

This scale is used to solo over diminished seventh chords. Dim7 chords are not as commonly used as minor, dominant or major chords, but when they do pop up, they have a tendency to handcuff beginning improvisers. This lesson will introduce you to the diminished scale.

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