What is the difference between ton and Thonet?

What is the difference between ton and Thonet?

Following a decree of the Ministry of Industry from March 7, 1946, THONET became a national enterprise and in 1953 it was renamed as TON (the abbreviation standing for Továrna Ohýbaného Nábytku – bent furniture factory).

How do you pronounce Thonet chair?

Its creator Michael Thonet (pronounced “toe-net” and not the French pronunciation “tho-NAY”) was a German-Austrian carpenter and cabinet maker who, in the 1840s and 1850s, invented and pioneered the process of making bentwood furniture.

How do you pronounce Thonet?

Thonet: (German, Austrian) toe-net. A German-Austrian furniture maker who invented bentwood furniture. Also a reference name for bentwood furniture. A common mispronunciation is: tho-NAY.

Where are ton chairs made?

Czech Republic
The, what is today, business company THONET is based in the German city of Frankenberg and also the Gebrüder Thonet in Vienna was reborn. In the Czech Republic it is the TON in Bystřice pod Hostýnem which became a significant European center of production of high-quality furniture of bent wood.

Where was Thonet furniture made?

In 1941, as demand for their furniture in the USA continued to grow, Thonet came to the US and began production in Statesville, North Carolina.

When were bentwood chairs made?

All bentwood furniture, including Trent Furniture’s extensive range, derives from the first bentwood chair made by German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet in the 1850s in Vienna. The first of its kind was named the Model 14 and soon became known as the ‘chair of chairs’.

Who is the founder of Thonet in Australia?

Thonet Australia is proud to be associated with the innovation and tradition of Michael Thonet.

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