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What is the difference between hippocampal formation and hippocampus?

What is the difference between hippocampal formation and hippocampus?

The hippocampus is one of several brain regions that together comprise the hippocampal formation. The hippocampal formation is a prominent C-shaped structure bulging in the floor of the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle. The hippocampus proper consists of three major subfields (CA1-CA3).

Is the hippocampus involved in memory formation?

Hippocampus and memory The hippocampus helps humans process and retrieve two kinds of memory, declarative memories and spatial relationships. Declarative memories are those related to facts and events. Examples include learning how to memorize speeches or lines in a play.

What does the hippocampal formation do?

The hippocampal formation is thought to play a role in memory, spatial navigation and control of attention. The neural layout and pathways within the hippocampal formation are very similar in all mammals.

What is hippocampal associated memory?

Associative memory is defined as the ability to learn and remember the relationship between unrelated items such as the name of someone we have just met or the aroma of a particular perfume.

Which three structures make up the hippocampal formation?

The hippocampus proper consists of three major subfields (CA1–CA3). The other regions that together comprise the hippocampal formation consist of the dentate gyrus, the subicular complex, and the entorhinal cortex.

How is hippocampus related to memory?

Hippocampus, region of the brain that is associated primarily with memory. The hippocampus is thought to be principally involved in storing long-term memories and in making those memories resistant to forgetting, though this is a matter of debate.

Which type of memory is most impaired by damage to the hippocampus?

In all five experiments, patients with hippocampal damage exhibited impaired recognition memory.

What is the main function of the hippocampus?

Hippocampus is a complex brain structure embedded deep into temporal lobe. It has a major role in learning and memory. It is a plastic and vulnerable structure that gets damaged by a variety of stimuli. Studies have shown that it also gets affected in a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Where in the brain is short-term memory?

frontal lobe
Short-term memory primarily takes place in the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortet. Then the information makes a stopover in the hippocampus. A 2014 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that a small number of neurons in the hippocampus may hold the memories of recent events.

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