What is the difference between a Toro 51619 and a Toro 51621?

What is the difference between a Toro 51619 and a Toro 51621?

The Toro 51621 is an improved version of the Toro 51619 model with the added features of: An oscillating air nozzle for blowing mode. A shoulder strap on the catchment bag for easier transport. Metal impellers that chop debris more finely.

Can I hoover my garden?

Using a vacuum, particularly a powerful one used in your home, could suck up and remove the grass fibres, balding your new lawn and worsening its appearance. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend using a conventional household hoover to remove debris and hair from your synthetic lawn.

Can I convert my leaf blower to a vacuum?

To convert your machine from leaf blower to leaf vacuum, in most cases you’ll have to switch the tube to the opposite side of the fan. Then switch to the vacuum. Use it to suck up any stragglers and to work around bushes and flower beds, where a blower could damage plants or send soil and mulch flying.

What is the difference between Toro Ultra and Ultra Plus?

This serrated metal impeller on the Ultra reduces 88% of mulched debris to less than 1¼ cm and the UltraPlus will reduce 97% of debris to less than 1¼ cm (see Shredz-All Shred Ring), allowing you to use less disposal bags.

Why does my electric leaf blower keep shutting off?

The fuel filter is clogged. Similar to the air filter, if the fuel filter is clogged or partially clogged, it may allow just enough gas through the system to allow the engine to run at idle. However, soon as one opens up to gas, if it can’t get more gas and gets too much air, the engine will sputter to a stop.

Can Astroturf be vacuumed?

You can vacuum non-infill turf with a regular vacuum cleaner no problem. Repeated vacuuming can cause the turf to become torn or slumped over time. You can also vacuum turf with infill, but you risk removing the infill which keeps the turf looking springy and also provides cushioning.

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