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What is the biggest apartment in New York?

What is the biggest apartment in New York?

432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue
Top floor 1,286 ft (392.1 m) (occupied)
Technical details
Floor count 85 (+3 below ground)
Floor area 412,637 square feet (38,335 m2)

Is New York the most expensive city?

New York is now officially the most expensive city to live in. It recently edged out San Francisco, which for a while was holding the record for the U.S’s priciest apartment rentals. A report recently released by Zumper it shows that the average apartment in New York is $2,810, while in the Bay Area is about $2,800.

Is Manhattan the most expensive area?

NYC Real Estate Median Sales Prices Manhattan has the most expensive real estate in the city, followed by Brooklyn. The Bronx is the most affordable borough in NYC.

What is the most expensive address in New York?

The Most Expensive Homes on the Market in New York City Right Now

  • 2 Park Place, Pinnacle Penthouse, New York ($79,000,000)
  • 1 Sutton Place South, New York ($45,000,000)
  • 555 West End Avenue, New York ($42,000,000)
  • 1016 Fifth Avenue, New York ($37,000,000)
  • 25 Columbus Circle, New York ($35,000,000)

What does a million dollar home in NYC look like?

To many of us, a million dollar home sounds like it should be the lap of luxury: marble tubs, game room, wine cellar, perhaps a private pool. But, a million dollars doesn’t go quite as far down amenities lane in New York City. So what does a million bucks buy you in Gotham?

How much does a million dollar apartment cost?

It’s priced at $875k. Sure, it’s a one-bedroom apartment for nearly a million dollars… but this Midtown apartment has a sunny atrium and a wrap-around terrace, two features which make it pretty remarkable. It’s listed for $999k.

How big is 50 United Nations Plaza in NYC?

A 10,000 square foot roof deck and full gym are just two of the many amazing amenities. Geared towards diplomats, 50 United Nations Plaza combines spacious interiors, a prime location, and modern amenities into a single luxury apartment building.

How big is the Chelsea mercantile condo building?

Boasting a colorful history as a building for manufacturing fabrics, the Chelsea Mercantile is a high-rise condo with brick fireplaces and a rotunda creating an old-school touch while fixtures and appliances reflect the tide of the times. A 10,000 square foot roof deck and full gym are just two of the many amazing amenities.

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