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What is the age of Mini Mathur?

What is the age of Mini Mathur?

46 years (August 21, 1975)
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Who is Mini Mathur married to?

Kabir Khan
Mini Mathur/Spouse

Personal life. Mini Mathur was born in Chitraguptavanshi Kayastha family. She resides in Mumbai with her husband, film director Kabir Khan as well as her children, Vivaan and Sairah.

Did Mini Mathur convert?

Mini Mathur slams a troll for questioning why she converted to Islam | Bollywood Bubble.

How did Mini Mathur and Kabir meet?

Mini and Kabir have been married for 23 years. They met on a shoot for a channel called Home TV and were doing this very big show at that point in time where the first prize for that show was like a flat in Bombay. Kabir Khan and Mini Mathur got married on February 28, 1998.

Which caste is Mathur?

Kayastha community
The Mathurs, who are a sub caste of the Kayastha community, are unique in that they do not fall within the parameters of the four Hindu castes. This erudite, progressive and literate community has historically been cast in the role of administrators, advisors and record-keepers.

Who is Kabir Khan wife?

Mini Mathur
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Is Mathur caste Punjabi?

Mathur is a subcaste of the Chitraguptavanshi Kayastha community in Northern India, with their origins possibly in Mathura.

Who directed Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Bajrangi Bhaijaan/Directors
After his 3-film deal with Yash Raj Films ended, Khan set up his own production company, and ventured into mainstream screenwriting with Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which is his most-successful film to date, and has been the third highest-grossing Indian film globally.

Who produced Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Salman Khan Films
Bajrangi Bhaijaan/Production companies

What means of Mathur?

Indian (north central): Hindu (Kayasth) name, based on the name of a subgroup of the Kayasth community, from Sanskrit mathura ‘of Mathura’, a city to the south of Delhi. Some Brahmans and Banias are also reported to bear this family name.

What kind of saree does Mini Mathur wear?

In 2019, Mini Mathur appeared in Amazon Prime’s web-series “Mind The Malhotras” along with Cyrus Sahukar. She has a pleasant sense of style and loves handloom sarees. Closet Stand-up Comic” are the words which she would use to describe herself. She is scared of heights. Mini is quite fond of diving; and did a diving certification for her honeymoon.

Who is the Indian TV host Mini Mathur?

Mini Mathur (born 21 August 1975) is an Indian television host, actress and model.

How old is Mini Mathur in real life?

Mini Mathur is an Indian model, actress, television professional, writer, producer, and interior designer. She has also hosted many reality shows. Mini Mathur was born on 21 August 1976 ( age 43 years; as in 2019) in New Delhi.

What kind of degree does Mini Mathur have?

She holds a degree in English literature from Lady Sriram College and in business management from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. She started her career as an advertising professional at J Walter Thompson, New Delhi through IMT Campus Placement.

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