What is smart M package?

What is smart M package?

It’s your plan your way All in one plan with monthly voice minutes, SMSs and data. Add data or talk time as you need it.

What is a smart M?

Smart meters replace your existing gas and electricity meters and tell you more about the energy you use in your home. They send regular meter readings automatically to your supplier. Once you’ve had your smart meter installed, you’ll be able to see how much energy you’re using: On an In-Home Display.

What is smart top up Xs?

Page Description. Get 50 any network anytime minutes, 50 anytime SMSs and 350MB Data when you select Smart Top Up XS+ price plan for R181 pm x 24.

How do I check my Vodacom prepaid plan?

Open the My Vodacom App. Click the “More” menu at the bottom right hand side of the screen, then click “Manage Number”. Login when prompted. Your price plan information will be shown here.

What’s wrong with smart meters?

Although smart meters can help you keep track of your energy use, they could also drive up anxiety with elderly or low-income households if they’re constantly reminded of what they’re spending. This could lead to people depriving themselves of adequate heating or lights.

Are smart meters still a problem?

More than a third of households that have had smart meters installed have reported having problems. More positively, 29% of homes say their smart meter has helped cut energy bills, while two-thirds say their device has made them more aware of how much energy they use.

What is a smart bundle?

Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce is a complete product grouping tool for creating customized product bundles to offer unmatchable deals to your customers. Fulfill customer expectations with Smart Bundle and enrich customer experiences along with your sales revenue.

What is uChoose Flexi?

uChoose Flexi price plans receive a monthly airtime allocation, in Rands, equivalent to the subscription amount of the price plan hereinafter referred to as subscription airtime. The monthly subscription amount refers to the monthly amount billed to the customer in advance at the beginning of each calendar month.

Can you terminate a Vodacom contract?

Cancelling your contract with Vodacom Vodacom says it charges a maximum cancellation fee of 75% which is determined by where a customer is in their contract. “If a customer cancels early on we will still need to recoup the handset and subsidies whereas later on in the contract the cancellation fee will be much less.

Does Vodacom minutes carry over?

Voice minutes carried over on migration from another Vodacom bundled price plan will be subject to the same carry-over rule. All unused bundles at the time of expiry will be forfeited. Vodacom reserves the right to charge for VoIP calls on selected price plans and at applicable lodged rates.

How do I check Vodacom tariff?

Where can I use UChoose smart top up +?

The Voice bundle included on the uChoose Smart/Smart Top Up+ and RED Top Up+ price plans will be available for use for calls to any local network, within the borders of South Africa, at any time of the day. 5.

When does Vodacom increase prices on selected plans?

Vodacom is increasing subscriptions on selected price plans effective 01 May 2015. Terms and conditions remain unchanged. To view details of the revised prices, click on the tabs below.

Can you use Vodacom Cell C in South Africa?

Vodacom to Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile (Any Network Any Time) within the borders of South Africa, including VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Calling) calls made to these mobile networks using compatible devices. ii.

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