What is ShopMate Australia Post?

What is ShopMate Australia Post?

ShopMate is a freight-forwarding service run by Australia Post that solves a common online shopping problem. In short, it sets up a US postal address so that you can buy items that don’t ship internationally. Purchases are then forwarded onto you for a “small” fee.

Why is Australia Post so slow now?

Australia Post chief executive Christine Holgate said lengthy delays were due to the grounding of much of the air freight network. Australia Post is retraining motorbike posties to deliver and process parcels.

Does Amazon use Australia Post?

Companies including Amazon take advantage of Australia Post’s network by using the firm for “the last leg” of deliveries. “Because Post has to have a network that’s completely national it can do the urban deliveries quite efficiently, but the distance ones cost it money,” Dr Alexander said.

Does fastway deliver for Australia Post?

The parent company of Fastway Couriers Australia/NZ will form a joint-venture with Australia Post to target the global e-commerce marketplace. According to Logistic Business Review, Australia Post will handle the last mile delivery services in Australia for parcel volumes generated by the JV.

Is AusPost ShopMate legit?

While ShopMate is trustworthy, we don’t recommend it because it lacks many basic features offered by competitors. Notably, ShopMate doesn’t consolidate packages, offer repacking services or make purchases on your behalf if the store doesn’t accept Australian credit cards.

How do you use ShopMate?

How does ShopMate work? It’s really easy. You create an account on the ShopMate website, and once you’ve been verified, you’ll receive your American address. Then, you do your big shop at your favourite online US stores, having all your items delivered to this US address.

Why is post office so slow now?

The Postal Service has struggled for years with financial losses due to declining mail use, and the coronavirus pandemic exposed more issues within the agency as it struggled to cope with an avalanche of e-commerce purchases, worker availability problems and a disorganized processing network.

Why is delivery taking so long?

The demand for imported goods is so high that shipping companies are racing to build more boats, a construction process that could take several years. Now, brands are paying 10 times the price of typical shipping costs — and some companies can’t even get products onto a boat in the first place.

Which carrier does Amazon Australia use?

Carrier contact information

Carrier Contact details
DHL Phone: +1-800-225-5345
Dragonfly Phone: From within Australia: 02 9067 0218 Free phone: 1800-370-682
Fastway/Aramex Australia Phone: 1 300 327 8929

What shipping courier does Amazon use?

Amazon still uses UPS, but it’s also been building out a network of its own delivery drivers under the Amazon Flex platform, which is a kind of on-demand contract network similar to Uber and food delivery companies like DoorDash.

Does Australia Post use Aramex?

Australia Post has divested its 10.06% shareholding in global logistics company Aramex. In December 2018 Australia Post announced its decision to acquire Aramex’s 60% stake in Aramex Global Solutions, the e-commerce logistics joint venture between Aramex and Australia Post.

Does Aramex deliver to Australia Post Office?

Aramex acquired Fastway Couriers in January. Inbound international parcels generated by the Aramex/Australia Post joint venture will be delivered by Australia Post. Under the deal, Australia Post will acquire Australian courier company Mail Call from Aramex. This will become part of the Star Track Courier network.

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