What is SBC 1000?

What is SBC 1000?

The Ribbon Session Border Controller 1000 (SBC 1000) is an ideal security and interoperability solution for small businesses and branch offices. The SBC 1000 delivers: Interoperability with leading PBXs, cloud UC services, SIP endpoints and SIP trunking providers. Certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

How do I set up Sonus SBC 1000?

Connect the Sonus SBC 1000/2000

  1. Connect the Ethernet 1 port on the SBC to the DHCP/DNS enabled network.
  2. Direct your PC’s browser to the node’s serial number as the domain name (i.e., A4025511270005.
  3. Continue with Initial Setup.

Where does the SBC 1000 sit in the media path?

As a security element, SBCs inherently sit in the middle of the media path between the telecom provider and phones or soft clients. Ribbon’s SBC 1000 uses that position to enhance media quality and manage interoperability between the endpoints and telecom providers.

What kind of circuits does the SBC 1000 support?

The SBC 1000 also supports traditional analog and digital circuits (POTS, BRI, T1/E1 circuits) for an additional level of redundancy, beyond SIP trunk connectivity. Learn more by downloading the SBA datasheet.

Is there a ribbon for the SBC 1000?

Microsoft SBA services are tightly integrated into the SBC 1000’s Easy Configuration Wizard, making set-up and administration as simple as point and click. Ribbon eliminates any SBA related command line administration or stand-alone security certificate management.

What does SBC 1000 do for Microsoft 365?

Enable Teams users to make and receive calls to/from the public telephone network if Microsoft 365 becomes unreachable. Microsoft’s Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) capability is available for the SBC 1000 (Server Module required).

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