What is opposite of affliction?

What is opposite of affliction?

affliction. Antonyms: consolation, relief, alleviation, assuagement, more , boon, blessing, gratification, pleasure. Synonyms: trouble, trial, grief, pain, disease, misery, hardship, sorrow.

What is the synonym and antonym of afflicted?

Some common synonyms of afflict are rack, torment, torture, and try. While all these words mean “to inflict on a person something that is hard to bear,” afflict is a general term and applies to the causing of pain or suffering or of acute annoyance, embarrassment, or any distress.

Which would be the closest antonym for the word afflicted?

antonyms for afflict

  • stay away from.
  • take care of.
  • solace.
  • comfort.
  • assist.
  • delight.
  • soothe.
  • aid.

What is another word for afflicted?


  • depressed.
  • stricken.
  • cursed.
  • grieved.
  • impaired.
  • suffering.
  • doleful.

What does Assuagement mean?

See synonyms for: assuage / assuagement on verb (used with object), as·suaged, as·suag·ing. to make milder or less severe; relieve; ease; mitigate: to assuage one’s grief; to assuage one’s pain. to appease; satisfy; allay; relieve: to assuage one’s hunger.

What does being afflicted mean?

: grievously affected or troubled (as by a disease) : mentally or physically impaired … a pet spaniel, so thin as to appear afflicted …— Osbert Sitwell Paul fell sick and must keep his bed; drink was the root of his malady, in my poor thought; but he was tended, and indeed carried himself, like an afflicted saint.

Which would be the closest antonym for the word vary?

antonyms for vary

  • hold.
  • keep.
  • maintain.
  • retain.
  • arrive.
  • come.
  • continue.
  • stay.

What does afflict mean Bible?

1 : a cause of persistent pain or distress a mysterious affliction. 2 : great suffering felt empathy with their affliction.

What is the opposite of attempting to afflict others?

Opposite of to cause (someone) pain, suffering or distress. comfort. aid. assist.

Is Assuagement a word?

Freedom, especially from pain: alleviation, ease, mitigation, palliation, relief.

What does Contiquity mean?

state of being contiguous
noun, plural con·ti·gu·i·ties. the state of being contiguous; contact or proximity.

What is the antonym for the word affliction?

Antonyms for affliction blessedness, bliss, blissfulness, cheer, cheerfulness, cheeriness, delight, ecstasy, elatedness, elation, euphoria, exhilaration, exuberance, exultation, felicity, gladness, gladsomeness, glee, gleefulness, happiness, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, jubilation, pleasure, rapture, rapturousness

What is another word for afflict?

Synonyms: afflict, agonize, rack 1, torment, torture. These verbs mean to bring great harm or suffering to someone: afflicted with severe arthritis; agonized to see her suffering; racked with guilt; tormented by migraine headaches; tortured by painful memories.

What is another word for infliction?

imposition, infliction(noun) the act of imposing something (as a tax or an embargo) Synonyms: pain, botheration, annoyance, pain in the neck, pain in the ass, imposition, bother. infliction(noun) an act causing pain or damage.

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