What is oops concept in SAP ABAP?

What is oops concept in SAP ABAP?

The object-oriented approach focuses on objects that represent abstract or concrete things of the real world. These objects are defined by their character and properties that are represented by their internal structure and their attributes (data).

What is ALV programming in ABAP?

The SAP List Viewer (ALV) is an integrated element of the ABAP Objects programming environment . It allows application developers to quickly implement the display of structured datasets by providing three different ALV tools, one each for the display of: Simple and two-dimensional tables. Hierarchical-sequential lists.

How do you make a single cell editable in ALV?

Add one field call celltab of type lvc_t_styl. Give the layout style name as ‘CELLTAB’. Check if marc-sernp not initial. If so, use class cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_enabled to make the field editable.

How do you refresh ALV container?

In ALV, to refresh the table you have to call the method “refresh_table_display”. It has the syntax very similar to creating the table. if you want to refresh only the icons around the grid (the data is not refreshed – this option is mostly not used in day to day applications).

How do I create an interactive file in ALV?

What are The Steps to Create ALV Interactive Report in SAP ABAP

  1. Select the Header and Item Tables.
  2. create Structures of Both Tables.
  3. Create the Selection Screen.
  4. Select the Header Data.
  5. Create Field Catalog for Header Structure.

What is abstraction in Oops ABAP?

Abstraction is the concept of object-oriented programming that “shows” only essential attributes and “hides” unnecessary information. Abstraction is selecting data from a larger pool to show only relevant details of the object to the user. It helps in reducing programming complexity and efforts.

How to create an Alv report in SAP ABAP?

This Object Oriented (OO) ALV Report tutorial helpful for all SAP ABAP Technical students who can develop OO ALV report if they follow this guide step by step. Go to Transaction code SE38. Enter the program name which start’s with Y or Z< Program name > and click on create Button. Enter the Title. Select the Attribute Type as Executable Program.

How to create object pattern radio in ABAP?

Click on ABAP object Pattern radio button. Click on continue. Pop-up will appear. Click on Create Object radio Button. Enter the Instance name. Enter the Class name and click on continue. Enter the custom container name. Create object for class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID. Click on Pattern. Pop-up will appear. Click on ABAP object Pattern radio button.

How to enable PBO module in SAP ABAP?

Enable the PBO module using CTRL + >. Double click on PBO module name. Pop-up will appear. Pop-up will appear. Select the include and click on continue. Pop-up will appear. Click on Yes. Click on Pattern. Pop-up will appear. Click on ABAP object Pattern radio button.

Who is the author of sap ABAP programming language?

Lukman Hakim has worked as a software developer in IT field industry for more than 7 years. He has experiences in implementation of SAP ABAP programming language (ABAP) .

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