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What is Lee Seung Gi next drama?

What is Lee Seung Gi next drama?

The Korean drama Mouse, which stars Lee Seung-gi and Lee Hee-joon, has been invited to screen at the International Panorama at Series Mania 2021. The CJ ENM production is a psychological thriller about a serial killer and the possible existence of a “psychopath gene.”

What is Bae Suzy latest drama?

As per reports from Korean news outlets, Bae Suzy will be making her K-Drama return in Coupang Play’s original series called “The Second Anna.” The K-Drama “The Second Anna” was slated supposedly to be a film but is now rearranged as a series spanning 8 episodes.

Is there any Vagabond Season 2?

Vagabond Season 2 is yet to be announced, but according to a production insider, the K-drama could return with a second season, reported Uniforumtz. If it finally happens, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy would return to reprise their roles to clear the leftover cliffhangers.

Is Bae Suzy acting in Indian movie?

South Korean actress Bae Suzy will reportedly be starring in an Indian film opposite Ram Charan. South star Ram Charan will reportedly have South Korean actress Suzy Bae as the leading lady in his upcoming film directed by Shankar.

Is Vagabond based on a true story?

The manga series Vagabond by artist Takehiko Inoue follows the life of Miyamoto Musashi–one of the most famous Japanese sword masters who ever lived. While Vagabond is inspired by historical events and people, it is still a work of fiction.

Is Vagabond a romance?

This is an action drama with Dal Gun and Hae Ri constantly in the middle of life and death situations, so romance really takes a backseat to everything, but they are working closely together for most of the drama, so we get lots of opportunities to see them interact. They are a fun duo to watch.

What did Suzy say about Lee Seung gi?

With Lee Seung Gi on edge, Suzy gave her honest answer, hilariously exposing him as someone who loves praises and compliments, bringing laughter to the entire studio! Seung Gi really loves getting compliments! Your browser does not support video. All the cast members laughed and agreed with her accurate answer about Lee Seung Gi’s personality!

Who was Lee Seung gi in Gu Family Book?

Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy previously starred together in the 2013 fantasy series Gu Family Book. He played a half human, half supernatural creature known in Korean mythology as a gumiho.

Who is Lee Seung gi playing in Vagabond?

In their next drama together, Lee Seung Gi will play Cha Dal Geon, a stuntman who dreams of being an action star and uncovers a corruption scandal, while Bae Suzy plays a secret agent, who has only chosen to be an agent because of the paycheck. Shin Sung Rok, last seen in The Empress, will join them as a National Intelligence Agency official.

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