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What is ICRU 83?

What is ICRU 83?

The International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) Report 83 provides the information necessary to standardize techniques and procedures and to harmonize the prescribing, recording and reporting of intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

What is Icru 38?

ICRU Report 38, Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Intracavitary Therapy in Gynecology. This Report deals with the problem of dose and volume specification with prinicpal emphasis on gynecological applications.

What does the ICRU do?

Policy. ICRU endeavors to collect and evaluate the latest data and information pertinent to the problems of radiation measurement and dosimetry and to recommend the most acceptable numerical values for physical reference data and techniques for current use.

What is Icru reference point?

The ICRU Reference Point criteria are: “(1) the dose to the point should be clinically relevant; (2) the point should be easy to define in a clear and unambiguous way; (3) the point should be selected so that the dose can be accurately determined; (4) the point should be in a region where there is no steep dose …

What is total Reference Air Kerma?

The total reference air kerma (TRAK) is the sum of the products of the Reference Air Kerma Rate and the irradiation time for each source. It is directly proportional to the integral dose to the patients. Recent data showed that the TRAK predicted isodose surface volumes in cervix cancer IGABT [23].

What is Icru in radiotherapy?

Abstract. The International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) volumes are standardized volume definitions used in radiation oncology practice that have evolved over time to account for advancements in technology and radiation planning.

What is PTV CTV and GTV?

This target volume is subdivided into several subsets: the gross tumour target volume (GTV), the clinical target volume (CTV) and the planning target volume (PTV). The GTV and CTV have a biological background.

What is ITV in radiotherapy?

The internal target volume (ITV) is the volume encompassing the CTV, which takes into account the fact that the CTV varies in position, shape and size. The internal target volume (ITV) is defined by the internal margin (IM), as described above, and is referred to the patient coordinate system.

How much does brachytherapy cost?

Costs ranged from $7,298 for active surveillance to $23,565 for intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Low–dose rate brachytherapy, at $8,978, was notably less expensive than high–dose rate brachytherapy, at $11,448.

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