What is Flex Tac?

What is Flex Tac?

Flex-Tac® is a revolutionary fabric utilizing proprietary fibers and developed exclusively for 5.11 Tactical. As a result, the breathability, color retention, and durability of these ripstop pants are superior to other cotton/spandex fabrics currently in the market.

Are cargo pants and tactical pants the same?

Tactical pants may be considered cargo pants, but cargo pants are not necessarily tactical pants. Tactical pants are basically EDC armor. Thus, they are often worn by law enforcement officers, EMTs, FBI personnel, military operators, and others who are in the line of fire.

Can I wear tactical pants everyday?

You need rugged, durable tactical pants for everyday wear – and they have to keep up with you at work and at play. The best tactical pants blend functionality and style so you can ALWAYS BE READY®.

Do 5.11 Tactical pants run small?

The sizes run small, I’m a 32 waist and have the 31.5-35 pant and they’re pretty snug, but they do stretch to fit most waists in the range.

Are 5.11 pants waterproof?

If you find yourself in wet weather 5.11 Tactical series has the right combination of waterproof and breathable gear for you. Made from our high performance waterproof/breathable material, these rain pants are easy to slip on and off. The design of our Patrol Rain Pants lets you to easily put them on over your uniform.

Where are 5.11 tactical pants made?

the USA
5.11 Tactical: Made in the USA | Milled.

What are tactical pants called?

Cargo pants or cargo trousers, also sometimes called combat pants or combat trousers after their original purpose as military workwear, are loosely cut pants originally designed for rough work environments and outdoor activities, distinguished by numerous large utility pockets for carrying tools.

Are 511 pants comfortable?

These are extremely comfortable. The fit is great and the extra pockets are useful. The fit is great and the extra pockets are useful.

Where are 511 tactical pants made?

Are 511 tactical pants true to size?

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