What is dialed number analyzer?

What is dialed number analyzer?

Here comes the Dialed Number Analyzer. It helps you to analyze a dial plan and gives the full call flow information for the dialed digits.

Which tool helps you show the route list discard digits instructions?

Because Dialed Number Analyzer uses the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database to analyze dial plans, the tool also allows you to view discard digit instructions that are specified for the dial plans. Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses route patterns to route or block internal and external calls.

What is the DDI in Cucm?

Digit discard instructions
Figure 11-11 displays the calling and called party prefix configuration available at the route pattern, route list, and translation pattern configuration levels. Digit discard instructions (DDI) remove parts of the dialed digit string before passing the number on to the adjacent system.

Which type of digit manipulation is commonly required on outgoing PSTN calls?

Digit Manipulation is often used to change calling party numbers for caller ID purposes on outgoing PSTN calls. It is also used to strip PSTN access codes before CUCM routes calls to the gateway (PSTN).

What is Cisco real time monitoring tool?

The Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT), which runs as a client-side application, uses HTTPS and TCP to monitor system performance, device status, device discovery, and CTI applications for Cisco Unity Connection. RTMT can connect directly to devices via HTTPS to troubleshoot system problems.

What is Route pattern CUCM?

A route pattern comprises a string of digits (an address) and a set of associated digit manipulations that can be assigned to a route list or a gateway.

What is did in CUCM?

Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) is a service offered by telephone companies that enables callers to dial directly into an extension on a PBX and not use an auto-attendant. This document addresses the various DID options supported when you implement a Cisco CallManager solution.

What is dialed number analyzer for Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Dialed Number Analyzer installs as a feature service along with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The tool allows you to test a Cisco Unified Communications Manager dial plan configuration before deploying it. You can also use the tool to analyze dial plans after the dial plan is deployed.

How to activate and deactivate dialed number analyzer?

You can activate and deactivate Dialed Number Analyzer service by using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability after you access it by using the appropriate URL. Use the following procedure to activate the service. Access Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability. Choose Tools > Service Activation.

Can a dial plan be tested with dialed number analyzer?

Because a dial plan can be complex, involving multiple devices, translation patterns, route patterns, route lists, route groups, calling and called party transformations, and device level transformations, a dial plan may contain errors. You can use Dialed Number Analyzer to test a dial plan by providing dialed digits as input.

Where is dialed number analyzer in unified cmservices?

Dialed Number Analyzer is displayed in list under Service Name column, in the Unified CMServices. If you activate the Dialed Number Analyzer by using Activate Dialed Number Analyzer Service , the Status is displayed as Activated. Check the checkbox that corresponds to Dial Number Analyzer.

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