What is Carreau model?

What is Carreau model?

Carreau fluid is a type of generalized Newtonian fluid where viscosity depends upon the shear rate, The Carreau viscosity model is useful in describing flow behavior of fluids in the high shear rate region. This fluid model is capable of describing both shear thinning and shear thickening phenomena.

What is Carreau Yasuda model?

The Carreau-Yasuda model is another empirical equation used to fit non-Newtonian data (Bird et al., 1987). Like the Cross model, this model also “describes pseudoplastic flow with asymptotic viscosities at zero (0) and infinite () shear rates, and with no yield stress” (Hackley and Ferraris, 2001).

What is Casson model?

The Casson Rheological Model is a structure based model. (Casson, 1959) used to describe the flow of visco-elastic fluids. This model has a more gradual transition from Newtonian to. the Yield region.

What is Herschel Bulkley model?

The Herschel–Bulkley fluid is a generalized model of a non-Newtonian fluid, in which the strain experienced by the fluid is related to the stress in a complicated, non-linear way. Three parameters characterize this relationship: the consistency k, the flow index n, and the yield shear stress. .

What is power law model?

The Power Law model (sometimes known as the Ostwald model) is an easy-to-use model that is ideal for shear-thinning, relatively mobile fluids such as weak gels and low-viscosity dispersions.

What is Pseudoplastic Behaviour?

Pseudoplastic: Pseudoplastics exhibit behaviors both of Newtonian flow and plastic flow. The liquid flows as a plastic at high shear rates, but does not have a yield point and so will always flow under a shear stress, like a Newtonian liquid.

What are the rheological models?

Widely used rheological models are • Kelvin model, Maxwell Model and • Burgers Models, which are described here. Several models have been developed to describe the viscoelastic behaviour of materials. There are two basic viscoelastic models viz Kelvin and Maxwell.

What is Casson viscosity?

The Casson yield value is the force required to start flow of chocolate and the Casson plastic viscosity is the force required to maintain a constant flow in chocolate, also referred to as “shear thickening factor”.

What is the Herschel Bulkley equation used for?

The Herschel–Bulkley model can be used to describe the rheological behaviour of certain non-Newtonian fluids. When fitting to experimental data, its parameters need to be determined and this is a non-linear problem. The conventional approach is to solve the resulting normal equations numerically.

What is power law kinetic model?

Power-law kinetics generalize mass-action kinetics and confer greater flexibility to the form of the rate functions than do mass-action kinetics. The deter- minant refers to the determinant of a modified version of the species formation rate function (Definition 6.1 in this paper).

What is power law model in fluid mechanics?

Power law is the simplest model that approximates the behavior of a non-Newtonian fluid. Its limitations are that it is valid over only a limited range of shear rates. Therefore, the values of K and n are dependant on the range of shear rates taken into account^2.

What is termed as pseudoplastic behavior in a fluid?

In rheology, shear thinning is the non-Newtonian behavior of fluids whose viscosity decreases under shear strain. It is sometimes considered synonymous for pseudoplastic behaviour, and is usually defined as excluding time-dependent effects, such as thixotropy.

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