What is C1S cardstock?

What is C1S cardstock?

What is a “C1S” cardstock? “C1S” stands for Coating on 1 Side, uncoated on the other. The coated front provides more vibrant colors, while the back which is uncoated results in duller colors and is easy to write on.

What is the difference between C1S and C2S?

C1S refers to a paper stock that is coated only on one (1) side, versus C2S where the paper is coated on both sides. With C1S, the backside is completely uncoated, providing an excellent surface if a lot of writing is intended on that side.

Is C2S a gloss?

C2S indicates gloss coated on two sides. Paper, Paper, and Paper!

What is 14pt C1S?

14pt Writable + AQ (C1S) or UV (C1S) Postcards are a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool, particularly useful as a mailer. These postcards combine a glossy and shiny coated side with an uncoated, writable side.

What is C1S paper used for?

C1S paper stock is commonly used for business cards so that you or your customer can scribble a quick note on the back, like an alternate phone number, pricing or a location that isn’t already included on your business card.

What is C2S cover stock?

C1S is printing industry shorthand for “coated one side.” Likewise, C2S means “coated two sides.” These terms refer to coatings applied to paper by the paper manufacturer.

What is 14pt C2S card stock?

14pt. “extra thick” paper is one of the most common cardstocks available for printing. The thickness is about 0.39mm thick, which makes it ideal for business cards, postcards, and other firm-like quality print products.

Is C1S paper recyclable?

Fade resistance Paper shade is achieved using colorfast dyes to provide improved color integrity and extended shelf life for printed material. Sustainability • Recyclable.

How is FBB made?

Folding boxboard, also referred to as FBB or by the DIN Standard 19303 codes of GC or UC, is a paperboard grade made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. This grade is made up of mechanical pulp in between two layers of chemical pulp.

How is SBS paper made?

SBS board is made from recycled paper that is glued together to form one large material. This type of paperboard falls into the premium paperboard grade produced from bleached virgin fiber. It is a brilliant white in appearance and has a lower stiffness ratio that allows more flexibility in carton design.

What’s the difference between boxboard and cardboard?

Cardboard is ribbed & has a honeycombed pattern of air pockets when viewed from the side, boxboard is usually thinner, and has no honeycombed air pockets or ribs.

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