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What is botti wine?

What is botti wine?

Wooden barrels of 10, 200 or 300 hl. They can be made from either Slavonic oak or chestnut. Unlike smaller barriques, botti (= plural of botte) are used for several years.

What is oak botti?

Botti. The so-called traditional style of aging wines occurs in large Slavonian oak barrels which are naturally dried rather than toasted which makes them a neutral style wood. Barolos may be aged up to 3 or 4 years in botti because of its slower evolution.

How many liters are in a botti?

The larger the barrel used, the less oak lactones and oxygen are imparted into a wine. Barriques are traditionally 225 liters, whereas Botti and Foudres are much larger – from about 1000–20,000 liters.

What Flavour should Sangiovese carry?

Sangiovese is savory. Because of its ability to be a chameleon, Sangiovese wines offer a wide range of tastes from very earthy and rustic–as is the case with many Chianti Classico– to round and fruit-forward. Regardless of where it’s grown, it always exhibits cherry flavors with more subtle notes of tomato.

Where did Nebbiolo originate from?

Nebbiolo is native to the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, where the most famous nebbiolo wines are still made. Wines have been made in Piedmont since at least the first century, and those have been called “nebbiolo” since the 1200s.

How big is a Botti?

about 1,000 to 10,000 litres
A botte is anything from about 1,000 to 10,000 litres. Most wineries in Barolo keep them for decades as they are expensive to buy and don’t wear out, and if looked after properly they can be used for generations.

What is the hole in a whiskey barrel called?

Bung Hole
Bung Hole – The hole in a water tight barrel. Bung – The plug is is used to keep liquid from coming out of the barrel bung hole. Bilge – The center of a barrel’s bulge. Hoops – Round iron bands that are used to hold a barrel together.

What does French oak do to wine?

French Oak is very popular for oak aging premium wines. It tends to add flavor compounds (see below) in a more subtle way than the other main types of oak. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are an ideal match for French Oak because they “soak up” flavor more easily than other varieties (such as Cabernet Sauvignon).

What does French oak taste like?

French oak tends to taste of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans and exotic, savory spices. American oak leans toward dill, coconut, vanilla extract and sweet spices.

Is Sangiovese heavy?

Know your wines – Wine Varietal Chart

Red Wines Aromas and Flavors Body
Cabernet Sauvignon Blueberries, black currant, cassis, raspberries, oaky Heavy
Syrah peppery, spice, blackberry, cinnamon Medium to heavy
Petite Sirah Blackberry, pepper, jammy Heavy
Sangiovese Cherry, fruity, spice Light to medium

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