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What is an extradural tumor?

What is an extradural tumor?

Tumors located outside the dura mater are called extradural. All extradural tumors are outside the spinal cord. These tumors most often arise in the vertebrae (that is, they arise in the bones). Tumors of the vertebrae are known as vertebral column tumors.

What is an extradural spinal lesion?

Extradural lesions are located outside of the surrounding dural sac; they are often related to lesions of the intervertebral disc or the spinal column. Intradural lesions occur within the dural sac and are further classified as either intradural intramedullary or intradural extramedullary lesions.

What percentage of spinal tumors are cancerous?

Overall, the chance that a person will develop a malignant tumor of the brain or spinal cord in his or her lifetime is less than 1%.

Is cancer in the vertebrae curable?

Whether cancerous or not, a vertebral tumor can be life-threatening and cause permanent disability. There are many treatment options for vertebral tumors, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, medications or sometimes just monitoring the tumor.

What is the meaning of Extradural?

Medical Definition of extradural : situated or occurring outside the dura mater but within the skull an extradural hemorrhage.

What is an Extradural mass?

Extradural tumors, cysts and. tumorlike masses. • Occur outside the spinal dura. • Typically arise from the osseous spine, intervertebral discs and adjacent soft tissues.

Where does spinal cancer usually start?

The most common primary spine tumor (originated in the bony spine) is vertebral hemangiomas. These are benign lesions and rarely cause symptoms such as pain. Common primary cancers that spread to the spine are lung, breast and prostate.

How long can you live when cancer spreads to bones?

The authors note that most people live for 12–33 months after a diagnosis of metastatic cancer in the bones.

What does Extradural mean in medical terms?

‘Extradural’ means outside the dura. In the spine, the epidural space is the space between the backbone (vertebral column) and the outer protective lining that covers the brain (the dura mater). In the head, the epidural space is the ‘potential’ space between the skull and the dura mater.

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