What is an 81 102 fund?

What is an 81 102 fund?

A mutual fund that offers or has offered securities under a prospectus for so long as the mutual fund remains a reporting issuer. A non-redeemable investment fund that is a reporting issuer.

What is an alternative mutual fund’s maximum exposure allowed to a single over the counter otc derivative counterparty?

In a change from the 2016 Proposed Amendments, alternative mutual funds and non-redeemable investment funds will be permitted to exceed the 10% of NAV mark-to-market limit on specified derivatives exposure to a single counterparty if the counterparty has a “designated rating” (generally, a rating of “A” or higher for …

What is a non-redeemable investment fund?

for the purpose of being actively involved in the management of any issuer in which it invests, other than an issuer that is a mutual fund or a non-redeemable investment fund. …

What is alternative mutual fund?

Alternative mutual funds (sometimes called alt funds or liquid alts) are publicly offered, SEC-registered mutual funds that hold non-traditional investments or use complex investment and trading strategies. Investors considering alt funds should be aware of their unique characteristics and risks.

What are National Instruments Canada?

A National Instrument is an instrument that has been adopted in all thirteen Canadian provinces and territories. A Multilateral Instrument is an instrument that has been adopted in more than one, but not all Canadian provinces and territories.

How much leverage can a liquid Alt fund take on?

Liquid alternatives (“liquid alts”) can employ leverage through cash borrowing, short selling and specified derivatives up to an aggregate limit of 300%.

What is a non investment fund?

Examples of non-redeemable investment funds include closed-end funds and flow-through limited partnerships. Like mutual funds, non-redeemable investment funds can also be listed on an exchange, or be unlisted and sold directly to investors.

Is a mutual fund a closed-end fund?

Closed-end funds vs. A common misunderstanding is that a closed-end fund (CEF) is a traditional mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). A closed-end fund is not a traditional mutual fund that is closed to new investors. And even though CEF shares trade on an exchange, they are not exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

What is Alt funding?

When you borrow money from your broker to buy stock you are?

1. Margin Accounts. Many brokers will lend you money to buy stocks. This is called buying on margin, and you’ll need to open a margin account to do it.

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