What is a Rule 31 assessment?

What is a Rule 31 assessment?

Use of the DHS Vulnerable Adult Determination Form – Rule 31 based on the definition in Minnesota Statutes, section 626.5572, subdivision 21, clause (4), is recommended to help outpatient chemical dependency treatment program staff determine whether an individual is a vulnerable adult.

How much does a Rule 25 cost?

In-shop assessment is $200 and $225 for mobile assessments.

What is a 245G in Minnesota?


What is MN rule24?

A person desiring to intervene shall serve on all parties to the action and file a notice of intervention which shall state that in the absence of objection by an existing party to the action within 30 days after service thereof upon the party, such intervention shall be deemed to have been accomplished.

How do I become a MN Rule 25 assessment?

At least one (1) year continuously chemically free immediately before hiring. High school graduate or G.E.D. Complete 30 hour Training in Rule 25 & Comprehensive Assessment during probationary period. (Training will be offered only once.

What is a Rule 25 assessment in MN?

Chemical Health Assessment (Rule 25) Application. Rule 25 is state paid chemical dependency treatment funding. If you are eligible, the State of Minnesota will pay for you to have a Chemical Dependency Evaluation and assessor recommended treatment. Rule 25 is non emergency funds.

What is a 245G program?

Substance use disorder treatment programs are licensed under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245G to provide treatment services to assist and support a person’s efforts to recover from a substance use disorder.

What is the purpose of a Rule 25 assessment?

Rule 25 Assessments Under Rule 25, an assessor gathers information about an individual and decides whether the individual needs treatment and if so, what type will be the most beneficial.

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