What is a good sentence for feat?

What is a good sentence for feat?

Feat sentence examples. Getting the iron hot was no easy feat. All hope seemed lost, when by a brilliant feat of arms John Sobieski, king of Poland, drove away the besiegers in hopeless confusion and saved the cause of Christianity, 1683. It was perhaps the most astonishing single feat of arms in the World War.

What is an example of feat?

Feat is defined as something that requires great skill or courage to achieve. An example of a feat is climbing Mt. Everest. An act or accomplishment showing unusual daring, skill, endurance, etc.; remarkable deed; exploit.

What is feat mean?

A feat is an exemplary, even bold achievement, often an act of great courage or skill. Getting your cat to wear a leash was quite a feat. The noun feat developed from the Latin facere, meaning “make do.” Today, it gets applied to a deed that’s noble or out of the ordinary.

How do you add feats in D&D beyond?

On a character sheet you goto the Features and Traits section, then Feats. There is an option there to Manage Feats. From there you can add any Feat you want.

How do I add feats?

You can! In the character sheet, under Features & Traits, go to Feats. When you Manage Feats you can add any of the available Feats at any time.

Is feat short for featuring?

For example In pop music, guest appearances are often described with the words featuring, with, or and. It is abbreviated in credit lists as feat., ft., f/, f.

What does feat mean in a song?


What’s another word for feat?

The words achievement and exploit are common synonyms of feat. While all three words mean “a remarkable deed,” feat implies strength or dexterity or daring.

What is FT short for?

ft. is a written abbreviation for feet or foot.

What is the full form of FT?

Science and technology. Foot (unit) (ft.), a unit of distance or length.

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