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What is a famous Ferris Bueller quote?

What is a famous Ferris Bueller quote?

Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Who wrote Life moves pretty fast?

Life Moves Pretty Fast by Hadley Freeman review – ‘a more passionate advocate of 80s movies is hard to imagine’ | Film books | The Guardian.

What do you think Ferris is going to do?

Sloane : What do you think Ferris is gonna do? Cameron : He’s gonna be a fry cook at Venus!

Why is Ferris called Ferris?

The name ‘Ferris Bueller’ was a tribute to John Hughes’ lifelong friend Bert Bueller. Despite other actors such as John Cusack, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and more being rumoured to have been considered for the title role, John Hughes claimed that he always had Matthew Broderick in mind for the title role.

Where is Sloane Peterson now?

Someone fans can learn about her is that she’s married to puppeteer Brian Henson, the son of the legendary Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets. The two have one child together, according to Express, and live in Los Angeles with their teenage daughter.

What does fry cook on Venus mean?

A Fry Cook on Venus is what Cameron says Ferris will become when he finishes school. A fry cook is someone who operates a deep fryer, usually at a fast food restaurant, and it’s a stereotypical low-paying job for people without education or ambition. Bigger fish to fry means more important work to be done.

Did Ferris marry Sloan?

The two fell for each other during the filming of the movie and married later in 1986 when the movie came out. Aww! But that wasn’t the only love connection made on the set of the film…

What grade was Ferris Bueller?

8th grade
In the original novel, Ferris was a ginger, whereas Matthew Broderick is not. In the original script, it is revealed that in 8th grade, Ferris was close friends with Garth Volbeck, who had a difficult home life.

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