What happens if you join the God King in Infinity Blade?

What happens if you join the God King in Infinity Blade?

This version of the God King is called the Classic God King. In Infinity Blade I, if you choose to join Raidriar, instead of a new bloodline beginning after the credits, you fight him again. If this is your first time doing so, then you will get the hidden achievement ‘Not in Kansas’.

What happens when you kill the God King in Infinity Blade?

Killing the God King will get you ending one. In this one, the God King warns you that “they” will come after you. Then the God King dies.

How did Siris kill the worker?

During the finale, Siris manages to defeat the Worker by counter-stabbing him in the chest with the Infinity Blade, the same way Siris “killed” Raidriar in Infinity Blade.

Why did ausar imprison the worker?

He then reveals his true motivations: to make every Deathless subservient to him by threatening them with the loss of immortality. The Worker also reveals before leaving that Siris (during his life as Ausar), not Raidriar, was responsible for his imprisonment.

How do I get the Infinity sword?

The Infinity Blade is a sword weapon that can be obtained by combining the Galaxy Sword with 3 Galaxy Souls in the Forge.

Is there a god king in Infinity Blade 2?

The Classic God King, also known as the Nega-God King, is a “classic” rendition of Raidriar found in the negative rebirths of Infinity Blade II. He has the same armor, helmet, and shield as the version of Raidriar found in Infinity Blade I. The Classic God King also uses the same attacks and combos as the original God King.

Who is the worker of Secrets in Infinity Blade?

Raidriar reaches the Worker’s bunker and fights his way to his throne. It is revealed that Raidriar is Jori, Uriel’s son, and that the Worker of Secrets is Galath. After killing Jarred with his Infinity Blade, Raidriar faces Galath, who summons his own Infinity Blade and bests Raidriar.

How did Raidriar get his name in Infinity Blade?

Raidriar was reborn in his Seventh Temple of Reincarnation after Siris had defeated him in battle. He claims that he allowed Siris to defeat him. He is referred to as Raidriar by his Devoted (mortals that serve him). Raidriar uses technology, only available to the Deathless, to learn how he lost the duel against Siris.

How does Siris get rid of Raidriar in Infinity Blade?

If the player taps the weapon, the fight continues and Raidriar will now unleash his fury attacks. After defeating Raidriar, Siris drops his shield and sword and disarms Raidriar. Raidriar then says ‘they’ will come for Siris next, and he kills Raidriar. After this, the credits roll and then another cut scene starts.

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