What happened to Tiao Cruz?

What happened to Tiao Cruz?

Pop star Taio Cruz says social media sites need to “change their practices”, after his experience on TikTok left him with “suicidal thoughts”. The singer quit the video-sharing app last month, after other users left “hateful” comments under his posts.

Is Taio Cruz black?

Cruz was born in London to a Nigerian father and a Brazilian mother. Cruz is the founder and chief executive of Rokstarr Music London, which in 2006 released his debut single “I Just Wanna Know”.

Is Taio Cruz a one hit wonder?

Taio Cruz. Unlike a lot of artists on this list, Taio Cruz wasn’t a one-hit-wonder. He’s released three studio albums, twenty singles (including six as a featured artist) and twenty-three music videos. The first 2 years of the 2010s saw him release some of the decades biggest singles.

Why did Taio Cruz fall off?

Pop star Taio Cruz has opened up about his reasons for quitting TikTok, saying he wanted to preserve his mental health after having “suicidal thoughts”. The musician, whose hits include Dynamite and Break Your Heart, said he had been targeted by “hateful” videos and comments on the video-sharing app.

How did Taio Cruz become famous?

Taio Cruz is a British pop singer/songwriter whose second album, Rokstarr, catapulted him to international chart-topping success in 2010 with its smash hit singles “Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite.” Born on April 23, 1980, in London, England to a Nigerian father and a Brazilian mother, he went to school in Rugby.

How tall is Taio Cruz?

1.79 m
Taio Cruz/Height

How rich is Taio Cruz?

Taio Cruz Net Worth: Taio Cruz is a British musician, producer and businessman who has a net worth of $10 million….Taio Cruz Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Entrepreneur, Artist, Singer, Rapper, Musician, Music artist
Nationality: United Kingdom

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