What happened to Neelix on Voyager?

What happened to Neelix on Voyager?

But in “Mortal Coil,” episode 12 of season four, Neelix died, only to be brought back to life via Seven of Nine’s Borg nanoprobes. However, his resurrection wasn’t without complications, as he struggled physically, spiritually and emotionally in the days after.

Is Neelix the worst Star Trek character?

No, he’s not the worst Star Trek character ever. He’s not even really a bad character. He was about par for the course for anyone on Voyager that wasn’t The Doctor, Seven, or Janeway. Kim still exists.

Who killed Neelix family?

Jetrel is the scientist who helped them conquer Talax by developing the Metreon Cascade, a superweapon that killed over 300,000 people on Talax’s moon Rinax, including Neelix’s family.

What rank was Neelix?


Rank: 234
Genre: Psy-Trance
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Is Neelix dead?

Neelix is killed while participating in a survey mission of a protomatter nebula. With the aid of Chakotay, Neelix embarks on a spiritual vision quest, during which he confronts his dead sister, Alixia, who mocks him and then dies and crumbles into dust.

Why do Neelix and Kes break up?

After Kes breaks up with Neelix in “Warlord”, Phillips asked writers to provide closure for the couple in a subsequent episode. He believed the end of their relationship was too “muddy”, since Kes was possessed by an alien, and thus unable to control her actions, during the break-up scene.

Why did Neelix’s eyes change color?

Neelix’s eye color I missed a few episodes, and all of the sudden, Neelix’s eyes have changed from orange to dark brown – which is presumably the natural eye color of Ethan Phillips, the actor who played Neelix. It changed to the orange color. She says that it changed mid season.

Who was the most annoying Star Trek character?

So, here are the 10 most hated supporting characters in Star Trek.

  • 5 BARCLAY.
  • 7 KES.
  • 9 NEELIX.

Who played Dr jetrel Voyager actor?

James Sloyan
“Jetrel” is the 15th episode of the first season of Star Trek: Voyager….Jetrel.

Original air date May 15, 1995
Guest appearances
James Sloyan – Dr. Ma’bor Jetrel Larry Hankin – Gaunt Gary
Episode chronology

Who played Tuvok?

Tim RussStar Trek: Deep Space Nine
Tuvok/Played by

Tim Russ, who played Lieutenant Commander Tuvok on the sci-fi show “Star Trek: Voyager” is going back to his space roots. On his latest mission, he’s helping detect asteroids for NASA. Russ and five other citizen astronomers contributed to the detection of Patroclus, an asteroid orbiting Jupiter.

What did Neelix do after his family died?

After the death of his family and the destruction of his homeworld and what was left under alien rule, Neelix left the system to move on with his life. He served on a mining colony for a while and worked for two years as an engineer’s assistant aboard a Trabalian freighter where he became well-versed in warp theory.

Who is the actor who plays Neelix in Voyager?

Neelix / ˈniːlɪks / is a character in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, played by actor Ethan Phillips since the series’ inception.

Where does Neelix from Star Trek come from?

The character of Neelix is from Rinax, a moon of the planet Talax, located in the Delta Quadrant of the show’s fictional representation of the Milky Way galaxy. His entire family was killed in a conflict with the Haakonian race.

When does Neelix leave Game of Thrones?

Neelix departs the show in the seventh season’s 23rd episode ” Homestead “. The ship encounters a colony of Talaxians, the last of his species that he is likely to see as the ship travels further from his home, and he chooses to stay with them. The character returns for a cameo in the series finale, ” Endgame “.

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