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What happened to Jessica Jacobs?

What happened to Jessica Jacobs?

Jessie Jacobs died instantly from her injuries when she was hit by a train on May 10, 2008.

Did one of the Saddle Club actors died?

Jessica Jacobs, 17, who played Melanie Atwood on series one and two of The Saddle Club, died when she fell into the path of a train at Cheltenham station on Saturday. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said it was believed Jessica tripped and fell from the platform as the train entered the station.

Which Saddle Club actress died?

Jessica Jacobs
Victoria Police say a 17-year-old actress has died in a tragic accident at a Melbourne train station. The girl has been identified as Jessica Jacobs, who starred in such programs as Saddle Club and Fergus McPhail. She also appeared in live stage productions including The Sound Of Music with Bert Newton and Lisa McCune.

Who plays Deborah in the Saddle Club?

Actress Catherine Godbold
Actress Catherine Godbold, best known for her role as Deborah Hale Regnery on The Saddle Club, has died at the age of 43, a family spokesperson has confirmed. The young star was diagnosed with brain cancer in May 2007 before The Saddle Club was picked up for a third season, said the Daily Mail.

Which Saddle Club actor died?

Jessie Jacobs
Jessie Jacobs, 17, the Melbourne star of the Saddle Club, died on Sunday. She was killed when she stumbled off a platform at Cheltenham station and into the path of an on-coming train. She was on the way to buy a present for her brother Adam.

Was Chris Hemsworth in The Saddle Club?

He’s come a long way! Resurfaced footage reveals Chris Hemsworth had a one-time guest role as a dreamy vet in children’s series The Saddle Club. Chris Hemsworth became a bona fide star after landing the role of Thor in the Marvel Universe franchise in 2011.

How old is Stevie Saddle Club?

Stephanie “Stevie” Lake is a 12-year-old tomboy. She is one of the riders at Pine Hollow and one of the Saddle Club members. Her best friends are Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood.

Where did they film The Saddle Club?

Filmed in Victoria and made jointly by Australian and Canadian production companies, The Saddle Club is centred around the fictitious Pine Hollow Stables and the lives of three friends, Lisa, Stevie and Carol.

Who was Luke Hemsworth Saddle Club?


Year Title Role
2001–2002 Neighbours Nathan Tyson
2003 The Saddle Club Simon
2004 Blue Heelers Glen Peters
2005 Last Man Standing Shannon Gazal

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