What fish can live with electric blue rams?

What fish can live with electric blue rams?

Small groups of Rams can be kept together, but you may find that certain fish pair off, and when breeding, they can become a little territorial towards others. Tankmates should be small and peaceful and good companions could include Corydoras catfish, hatchetfish, pencilfish, small tetras, and suckermouth catfish.

How many electric blue rams can be kept together?

two pairs
The electric blue ram is not recommended for beginners, but it is not overly difficult to keep either. One pair can be housed in a 20-gallon aquarium, while two pairs will require a tank of at least 40 gallons.

Are blue rams fin nippers?

German Blue Rams aren’t major fin nippers but Barbs and larger Tetras often do so. Female Bettas and wild-type Bettas may be a better choice if your Rams are a little more aggressive!

Can Electric Blue Ram be kept alone?

Tank Mates—Can Blue Ram Cichlid be Kept Alone? Unlike most cichlids, rams are peaceful, non-aggressive fish that do best when housed in a community with other fish, but you can keep a single pair alone in a 15 to 20-gallon tank.

Is German blue ram a community fish?

German Blue Rams are the perfect Cichlids for a community aquarium. These fish can be kept with non-Cichlids and peaceful Dwarf Cichlids. They need a peaceful community as they will struggle in an aggressive tank.

Can blue rams be kept alone?

You can keep this fish either as a pair or alone. When keeping more than one male, make sure the aquarium is large enough to have two separate territories. If you decide to keep a pair it’s better to allow the fish to pair themselves up rather than buy two random specimens at the shop.

Should blue rams be kept in pairs?

Except during spawning season, blue rams are a peaceful species of fish. They should be kept in pairs – with the base 30 gallons to start and 10 more gallons per pair after that – and should be kept in a peaceful fish tank with other non-aggressive fish.

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