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What fish can I keep with Tropheus?

What fish can I keep with Tropheus?

Recommended Tank Mates For Tropheus Tropical Cichlid Fish

  • Tropheus Bemba.
  • Petrochromis Red Bulu Point.
  • Julidochromis Ragani.
  • Eretmodus Cyanostictus.
  • Mbuna Cichlid Display.

Are Tropheus cichlids hard to keep?

Breeding these cichlids is not a very difficult task. They are much easier to keep than you think, and the only real danger is that you too will catch the “Tropheus Syndrome” and get hooked on these amazing cichlids”.

Are Tropheus Mouthbrooders?

Tropheus species are maternal mouthbrooders. Kawanabe (1981) found that a female is allowed in the male’s territory for up to three weeks prior to spawning, but she leaves the male’s territory after spawning and hides among the rocks.

Are Tropheus cichlids aggressive?

The Tropheus species are aggressive cichlids. These fish do not always “play well with others” and are best kept in a species specific tank. They are best kept in groups (community) of at least 12 or more, with one or two males in the group. Many females are needed to spread the aggression of the male.

Can you keep tropheus with Mbuna?

Herbivore Mbunas are compatible with : Lake Tanganyika Herbivores (Tropheus) – if the tank is big enough for tropheus. Lake Victoria Haplochromis – But only one species.

Will tropheus cross breed?

They will crossbreed if given a chance. Any fry born in that tank should be culled.

Can tropheus live with Mbuna?

Omnivore Mbunas are compatible with : Lake Tanganyika Herbivores (Tropheus) : Feed a mainly herbivore diet (Omnivores need some algae in their diet anyways. They don’t mind eating salad)

When did tropheus start breeding?

There is really no set age on the breeding. It is more or less size and the readiness of the females and males. Around 3″ they should start to breed depending on the type kept.

Is a Tropheus Mbuna?

Tropheus is a small genus of at least six species of cichlids endemic to Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. These rocky shores, with numerous rocky outcroppings and boulder formations, form a habitat similar to many of the mbuna cichlids of Lake Malawi.

Are all Tropheus cichlids herbivores?

Feeding and habitat moorii is strictly herbivorous like all Tropheus species. They spend the majority of their time scraping algae from the rocks.

How big do tropheus Duboisi get?

Tropheus duboisi, the white spotted cichlid, is a species of cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika. It can reach a length of 12 cm (4.7 in).

Can you keep Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids together?

They come from lake Tanganyika and are somewhat famous in the wild because of their parasites brooding behavior. Because they come from the Rift lakes region, they can be successfully maintained with Malawi, Tanganyika, and even Lake Victoria cichlids.


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