What does the word Monoplegia mean?

What does the word Monoplegia mean?

Monoplegia is a type of paralysis that impacts one limb, most often an arm, but it can also affect one of your legs. Sometimes it can be a temporary condition, but in other cases it can be permanent.

What is the prefix of Monoplegia?

Mono is a prefix meaning one, or singular. As the name implies, Monoplegia is paralysis of a single part of the body. Many instances of Monoplegia are caused by injuries such as: Strokes.

What Plegia means?

plegia: Suffix meaning paralysis or a stroke. As in cardioplegia (paralysis of the heart), hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body), paraplegia (paralysis of the legs), and quadriplegia (paralysis of all four extremities). From the Greek plege meaning a blow or stroke.

What is the Tetraplegia?

Tetraplegia (sometimes referred to as quadriplegia) is a term used to describe the inability to voluntarily move the upper and lower parts of the body. The areas of impaired mobility usually include the fingers, hands, arms, chest, legs, feet and toes and may or may not include the head, neck, and shoulders.

What does Tetra mean in medical terms?

Combining form meaning four.

What is paresis and Plegia?

Neurologists use the term paresis to describe weakness, and plegia to describe paralysis in which all voluntary movement is lost.

What is a paresis disease?

Paresis refers to a condition in which muscle movement has become weakened or impaired. You may also sometimes see it referred to as “mild paralysis” or “partial paralysis.” Although paresis affects your muscles, it usually occurs due to nerve damage.

What is left hemiparesis?

As the name implies, right hemiparesis is weakness on the right side of the body, while left hemiparesis is weakness on the left side of the body.

What is monoplegia of limb?

Monoplegia is paralysis of a single limb, usually an arm. Common symptoms associated with monoplegic patients are weakness, numbness, and pain in the affected limb. Monoplegia is a type of paralysis that falls under hemiplegia.

What is monoplegia of leg?

Monoplegia is a condition involving the nervous system in which a muscle group, single muscle, or single limb is paralyzed. A closely related condition is monoparesis, in which people experience weakness in a single limb, muscle group, or muscle. Both conditions can be caused by a range of issues,…

What is the medical term meaning paralysis of one limb?

Paralysis of one limb is referred to as monoplegia and is most often associated with diseases of the peripheral spinal nerves. Paralysis of the thoracic limb is usually associated with a lesion of the C6 to T2 nerve roots, the brachial plexus, or musculocutaneous, radial, median, or ulnar nerves.

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