What does the medical assistant test consist of?

What does the medical assistant test consist of?

The Medical Assistant test has 3 categories. The general category consists of questions about psychology, communication, professionalism, medical ethics, and medical terminology. The administrative category consists of medical reception, scheduling appointments, practice finances, and medical business practices.

Is CMA exam online?

Students appearing in the forthcoming CMA Examinations can only access the Online MCQ Portal after the form fill up process is over and the online access will be valid till the completion of the said examination.

How do I get my MA certification?

Steps to Become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

  1. Step 1: Obtain a High School Diploma or GED (Four Years)
  2. Step 2: Complete a Required Medical Assistant Program (One to Two Years)
  3. Step 3: Pass the CMA Examination (Less Than One Year)
  4. Step 4: Maintain the AAMA (CMA) Credential (Every 60 Months)

Can I self study CMA?

Yes! You can. You might have asked this question multiple times and got different versions of answers from various resources. Here are few factors to keep in mind before going forward whether to do a self-study or assisted learning.

Is CMA exam 2021 postponed?

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, ICMAI, has postponed the ICAI CMA Intermediate and Final Examination of the Institute for the June, 2021 session due to unavoidable circumstances. The Intermediate and Final Examination 2021 were scheduled to be held from October 21 to October 28, 2021.

How hard is the medical assistant exam?

The test is somewhat difficult, but it should be no problem for candidates that study enough to be fully prepared. The medical assistant certification exam includes questions about anatomy and physiology, office management and procedures, bookkeeping, insurance processing, medical procedures, patient examinations, phlebotomy, medical terminology, diagnostic testing, and pharmacology.

How do I become a certified medical assistant?

In order to become a certified medical assistant, you should consider a study program that allows you to pass the certifying exam. It can take as little as a year to complete these programs and many vocational schools and community colleges offer them. There are a number of certified medical assistant programs.

How many questions are on the certified medical assistant exam?

I. How Testing Works. The certified medical assistant exam is computer-based and consists of 200 questions and is currently offered at Prometric testing centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Specific content found on the exam will change slightly each year, but the core subject matter largely remains the same.

What is the passing grade for the medical assistant exam?

This study results in a standard that is translated to a minimum passing score. The minimum passing score (MPS) is 430. Thus, you will need to obtain a score of 430 or more to pass the examination. The AAMA Certifying Board may change this minimum required proficiency level as deemed appropriate.

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