What does pulama mean in Hawaiian?

What does pulama mean in Hawaiian?

to treasure or cherish
In Hawaiian, the word ‘pulama’ means to treasure or cherish.

Who owns the island of Lanai?

Ellison owns almost the entirety of Lanai. He bought nearly 98 per cent of the island in 2012 for a reported US$300 million; his purchase included 87,000 (35,200 hectares) of the island’s 90,000 acres (36,400 hectares) of land.

Is there anything on Kahoolawe?

Yes, you can visit Kahoolawe. But you’re going to have to work for it. The smallest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, Kahoolawe and its surrounding waters are by law off-limits to the public. Your only way ashore is through volunteer work opportunities offered throughout the year.

What happened to Kahoolawe?

During World War II, Kahoolawe became a bombing range for the U.S. Military. Finally in 1990, the military ceased live bombings, and today the island is protected to reestablish plant life and to preserve native Hawaiian culture.

Why does no one live on Kahoolawe?

The smallest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, Kahoolawe and its surrounding waters are by law off-limits to the public. Considered uninhabitable due to its diminutive size—a mere 44.6 square miles—and lack of fresh water, Kahoolawe became a training ground and bombing range for the U.S. military after World War II.

Why is Kahoolawe red?

To the east, much of the island has an orange-red tone due to bare hardpan dirt—a result of erosion and dry weather. Then, after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the island was taken over by the U.S. Navy for military training and bombing practice that lasted nearly 50 years.

How is Pulama Lanai helping the island of Lanai?

Today, Lanai is again being redefined — this time, as a sustainable community. Pulama Lanai is helping to shape the future of our island by creating new opportunities driven by agriculture, resource management, conservation and more.

Who is Sharon Schnackel at Pulama Lanai?

She oversees the Lanai Builders and Rock & Concrete departments. Prior to joining Pulama Lanai, Sharon served as Senior Vice President of Services and Strategic Development for Schnackel Engineers and Vice President and Hawaii Area Manager for Kiewit Building Group, both nationally recognized construction and engineering firms.

Where does harrilynn from Pulama Lanai go to school?

Harrilynn has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington and received her J.D. from the University of Hawaii, William S. Richardson School of Law. She currently serves as a board member on the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center Board, the Lanai High & Elementary School Foundation and Hawaii Employers Council.

Where did Kurt from Pulama Lanai go to college?

Kurt received his bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Oregon State University. Previously he served on the Hawaii Island Visitors Bureau, the West Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, Kauai Visitors Bureau. the Hawaii Lodging Association and the Board of the Historic Hawaii Foundation.

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