What does Maledictory mean?

What does Maledictory mean?

1. the utterance of a curse against someone or something. 2. slanderous accusation or comment. [C15: from Latin maledictiō a reviling, from male ill + dīcere to speak]

How do you use malediction in a simple sentence?

Malediction in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Sometimes my luck is so bad I believe someone has placed a malediction upon me.
  2. Before the warlock was imprisoned, he placed a malediction upon his captor’s families.
  3. The witch’s malediction made the young princess fall into a deep sleep.

Is malediction a curse?

A malediction is a curse. Malediction has male in it, but it’s not a slur against men or boys. Mal comes from the Latin for “evil” and “diction,” and as you may remember, has to do with what we say. So a malediction is an evil statement directed at someone else.

What is the meaning of Maledictions?

: curse, execration I taunted him, ridiculed him, and loaded him with maledictions— Sir Walter Scott.

What is the meaning of execration?

1 : the act of cursing or denouncing also : the curse so uttered. 2 : an object of curses : something detested.

How do you use the word incredulous in a sentence?

Incredulous sentence example

  1. I was incredulous when he first told me the secret.
  2. He was at first incredulous , but eventually learned the truth.
  3. He was incredulous as a Missouri cynic but interested.
  4. They are often incredulous at the sums that the poorest children and pensioners have received.

What does malediction mean in the Bible?

a proclaiming of evil against some one; a cursing; imprecation; a curse or execration; — opposed to benediction.

What is a unspeakable?

1a : incapable of being expressed in words : unutterable. b : inexpressibly bad : horrendous unspeakable living conditions unspeakable evil. 2 : that may not or cannot be spoken the bawdy thoughts that come into one’s head—the unspeakable words— L. P. Smith unspeakable collections of consonants— Rosemary Jellis.

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