What does it mean to deny responsibility?

What does it mean to deny responsibility?

to say or show that you do not want to be involved with someone or something and that you are not responsible for them.

What is a word for not accepting responsibility?

irresponsible Add to list Share. If you’re irresponsible, you’re careless about the consequences of your actions. You can’t really rely on irresponsible people. Being irresponsible is the opposite of being responsible and careful — you do what you like and don’t care what happens afterward.

What is the synonyms of deny?

contradict, repudiate, gainsay, declare untrue, dissent from, disagree with, challenge, contest, oppose. retract, take back, back-pedal. disprove, debunk, explode, discredit, refute, rebut, invalidate, negate, nullify, quash.

What means of deny?

1 : to declare (something) to be untrue They denied the allegations. 2 : to refuse to admit or acknowledge (something) : disavow denied responsibility for the vandalism. 3a : to give a negative answer to denying the petitioners. b : to refuse to grant deny a request was denied a refund.

Is deny transitive or intransitive?

verb transitive To not allow. verb transitive To assert that something is not true.

What’s another word for unresponsive?

What is another word for unresponsive?

unfeeling indifferent
uncaring unsympathetic
unemotional cool
frigid impassive
expressionless passive

What’s the difference between unconscious and unresponsive?

If a person is not breathing, it may be necessary to perform CPR. Unconsciousness is an unresponsive state. A person who is unconscious may seem like they are sleeping but may not respond to things like loud noises, being touched, or being shaken.

What is the synonym of response?


  • comeback,
  • rejoinder,
  • replication,
  • reply,
  • retort,
  • return.
  • Which is the closest synonym for refuse responsibility?

    To deny or refuse responsibility – thesaurus. Synonyms. deny verb. to say that you did not do something that someone has accused you of doing. shirk verb. to avoid doing something difficult, or to avoid accepting responsibility for something. neglect verb. to fail to look after someone when you are responsible for them.

    Which is the best synonym for the word deny?

    Synonyms for deny. contradict, disaffirm, disallow, disavow, disclaim, disconfirm, disown, gainsay,

    What does it mean to not have responsibility for something?

    verb. formal to say that you do not have any responsibility for something, knowledge of something, or interest in something.

    When to use the words refuse and repudiate?

    The words repudiate and refuse can be used in similar contexts, but repudiate implies a casting off or disowning as untrue, unauthorized, or unworthy of acceptance. When could spurn be used to replace refuse? Although the words spurn and refuse have much in common, spurn stresses contempt or disdain in rejection or repudiation.

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