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What does GSM mean in fabric?

What does GSM mean in fabric?

grams per square meter
GSM is short for grams per square meter. All fabrics have a weight, and the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics (including towels) is grams per square meter. This number refers to the density of the towel. High quality Turkish cotton towels are generally heavier and are more absorbent.

Which GSM is good for summer?

If you are looking for something to wear all season, or when purchasing your first suit, stick to a wool in the 210-230 GSM range. This should keep you cool in the summer, and be thin enough to sneak a cardigan underneath in the winter.

Which GSM is good for Tshirt?

It is also used to measure the thickness of paper. It is important to check the fabric GSM when you are about to buy a T-shirt for promotional purposes or fests or as a uniform for your store. A good T-shirt can range from 160-180 GSM, whereas a collared T-shirt ranges from 180-200 GSM.

Is 250gsm paper thick?

250 gsm paper is commonly used for greetings cards, invitations and booklet/brochure covers. Thick board stock, ideal for book covers, business cards etc. This is our thickest available paper stock. It is also commonly used for document and brochure covers, including paperback books.

What GSM is normal card?

Greeting Card Paper GSM The weight range for greeting card printing is between 250 to 400 gsm paper. Usually, 350 gsm card stock is considered the best paper weight for printing greeting cards.

What GSM is 1mm card?

Tradicional (cellulose) and cotton paper thickness difference

GSM (g/m^2) Traditional Premium Papers Pure Cotton Papers
500 1 mm (0.04″)
540 0.75 mm (0.03″)
640 1.3 mm (0.05″)
700 0.9 mm (0.035″)

What GSM is good quality cotton?

Good Quality Cotton Printed Fabric, GSM: 150-200

Type Cotton
Fabric Cotton
GSM 150-200 GSM
Pattern Printed
Minimum Order Quantity 60 Meter

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