What does Ghorboonet Beram meaning?

What does Ghorboonet Beram meaning?

I’ll sacrifice myself for you
Ghorbunet [beram] (I’ll sacrifice myself for you) is another Persian term of endearment, but try it as a “thank you” or “goodbye” instead.

What does doret Begardam mean?

9. Persian “دورت بگردم” (doret begardam): Another poetic Persian phrase, this one translates literally to: “let me circle around you”, in effect, meaning, “I would do anything for you”.

What does Pedar Sookhteh mean?

pedar sookhteh: meaning “little rascal” (and also used as a term of endearment) but translated as “your father is burned”.

What does Azize Delam mean?

Literally “dear of my heart,” aziz -e delam is similar to “sweetheart.” Just like the English, it’s not exclusive to couples and can be used in any loving relationship to express affection.

What does halal Zadeh mean?

Halâl zâdeh. Literally: Legit/kosher birth. The suffix zâdeh means “born of”.

What does Khaste Nabashi meaning?

Don’t be Tired
Don’t be Tired! (Khaste Nabashid) is titled after a Persian small talk with no meaning in other languages. It is a Persian expression of a nice wish for someone who has done a good work.

What does Pedar SAG mean?

5. pedar sag. This is a not so nice term you can call someone as an insult. If you say someone is a pedar sag, you’re literally telling them their father is a dog, and you are giving them a message that you think they are a jerk.

What does Pedar mean in Persian?

پدر (pedar) means father.

What does Chashm mean in Farsi?

‘Okay’ A polite way to say ‘okay’ in Persian is chashm, which also means ‘eye. ‘ To amp it up a notch, Iranians say ru chesham, literally ‘on my eye,’ which is a more formal, polite way to express that you will do something from the bottom of your heart.

What does Zadeh mean?

Muslim (mainly Iranian and Pakistani): from Persian zada ‘son’. It is often found added as a suffix to a status name, as in Shah-zada ‘son of the king’, or Nawab-zada ‘son of the nawab’.

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