What does FIM mean in cannabis?

What does FIM mean in cannabis?

Fimming involves removing the marijuana plant’s new growth tip at the very end of the stem or branch where it meets the foliage. Growers cut away up to to 75 to 80 per cent of the tip. The remaining buds will be able to take up more light, which will ultimately increase their final weight.

Does Fimming increase yield?

Fimming, or the FIM method, is pretty similar to topping. This strategy sounds pretty strange, but it too can increase your yield. Whereas you make a complete cut with topping, you only take ⅔ of the shoot of growth with the FIM method. Fimming your plants leads to four new shoots of growth each time you do it.

Why do you FIM cannabis plants?

The fimming method was invented by accident when a grower botched a topping job. The objective is to promote multiple main colas and make plants bushier. Fimming might not be the neatest pruning for yield method, but it is proven to be effective.

Is Fimming better than topping?

Secondary shoots are juiced with the growth hormone that previously would have been used to develop the main stem. However, most growers report that fimming is slightly less effective at reducing stretching than topping. A fimmed cannabis plant can still grow rather tall, albeit with far more top colas.

How do you properly perform FIM?

Fimming involves pinching or cutting off around 75% of the tip of a plant. The very word FIM stands for “f*ck I missed”, and hints at how sloppy the technique appears. It looks as though the grower messed up their topping attempt!

Where do you cut when Fimming?

Basically, what you do in fimming is cut the growth tip at the top of your plant. As you cut through the top section, your shears slice through the main growth tip. As a result, you don’t get just two new growth tips as you would with topping, but up to four new ones instead.

Where do you cut for Fimming?

What does the abbreviation FIM stand for in marijuana?

Fimming, from the acronym FIM (“fuck, I missed!”) is a term used to refer to a specific trimming or pruning method used on marijuana plants during their growth stage. Essentially, fimming is a way to train the marijuana plant to grow more of the valuable compounds. Fimming is very similar to topping a plant.

What does fimming do to a marijuana plant?

Essentially, fimming is a way to train the marijuana plant to grow more of the valuable compounds. Fimming is very similar to topping a plant. The method encourages the cannabis plant to grow shorter and bushier.

How does FIM affect the growth of a plant?

FIMing barely slows down plant growth; Topping slows down plant growth considerably for a short period. When you FIM your plant, you will see recovery move at a much higher speed than with Topping. When I FIM one of my plants at the beginning of the day, I can usually already see it adjusting by bedtime.

How long does it take for fimming cannabis to grow?

Fimming is a technique that does not lend itself to Autoflowering cannabis varieties. The stress of pruning the main stem and the associated recovery time will stunt the growth of Autos. On average growers using the FIM method will keep plants in vegetative growth for 4-6 weeks.

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