What does coot mean slang?

What does coot mean slang?

stupid fellow
1. (colloquial) A stupid fellow; a simpleton. A silly coot. noun.

What does Koot mean?

Noun. koot f (plural koten, diminutive kootje n ) (chiefly diminutive) Any one of the small bones that make up the toes or fingers, or an analogous bone in ungulates; a phalanx. (dialectal) A joint.

What does it mean when someone calls you an old coot?

It’s now used somewhat affectionately to mean “an elderly fellow.” COOT: If you’ve ever seen a coot — an ungainly marsh bird that bobs its head like a hen as it swims or walks — you can see why “coot” came to denote, by the 1700s, “a harmless, simple person,” as in “an old coot.”

What does crazy as a coot mean?

(as) crazy as a coot Insane or eccentric. Often used jocularly.

What is the synonym of coot?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for coot, like: moorhen, fulica, scoter, Red-knobbed, Red-gartered, wigeon, eurasian-common, pochard, avocets, armillata and coots.

What is a geyser in British slang?

In the US, “geyser” is pronounced GUY-zer and has one meaning, a bubbling hot spring that erupts periodically. But in British English, it has two meanings; a “geyser” can be a hot spring or a water heater. And for both senses of the word, most British speakers rhyme it with “geezer.”

What does Poot mean on twitter?

brief flatulatory experience
Replying to @Kweengyza. @Tae_Tweezy Poot: Word describing a brief flatulatory experience. ( Farting)

What are moots?

In internet slang, moots is short for mutual followers, referring to people who follow and generally actively engage with each other on social media. Moots is also commonly found in its singular form, moot. People active on social media often consider their moots as internet friends.

Can a woman be an old coot?

I don’t recall ever hearing “old coot” when people are referring to women, Acid Burn. “Old bag” or “old hag” are fairly common although many use other, harsher words in such situations. People’s choice of words in insults often depends on who their audience is. “Old bag” sounds fairly harmless to me.

Are Coots in Texas?

Coots are year round residents in Texas. For those that migrate, they prefer to fly at night.

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