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What does Bonanza mean in a sentence?

What does Bonanza mean in a sentence?

a source of great and sudden wealth or luck; a spectacular windfall: The play proved to be a bonanza for its lucky backers.

What does the name Bonanza mean?

BonanzaAmerican English term originating in the 19th century for a large, successful Western farm, from Spanish bonanza “a rich lode,” originally “fair weather at sea, prosperity,” from Latin bonus “good”

How do you use the word bonanza?

You have had a bonanza and it is time to put a stop to it. From now on, as every financial commentator has said, there is likely to be a great bonanza. They are all private partnerships in private companies, but this is a bonanza for the consultancy business. A year ago that same council had an absolute bonanza.

What is a bonanza in English?

English Language Learners Definition of bonanza : something that produces very good results for someone or something. : a large amount of something valuable.

What does economic bonanza mean?

countable noun. You can refer to a sudden great increase in wealth, success, or luck as a bonanza. The expected sales bonanza hadn’t materialized. Synonyms: boom, jackpot, windfall, boon More Synonyms of bonanza.

What is an example of an Bonanza?

The definition of a bonanza is a big mineral deposit, an abundance of something desirable or a situation where there is a sudden increase in something desirable. An example of a bonanza is when sales suddenly start taking off, greatly increasing the company’s profits.

What does economic Bonanza mean?

What type of word is Bonanza?

Bonanza is a noun that means “a sudden rush of wealth or good fortune,” but in a more scientific sense it means “a rich source of a precious metal.” So, if you happen to strike gold in your backyard, that would be a bonanza on both fronts.

What is an example of bonanza?

What is the synonyms of bonanza?

noun. ( bəˈnænzə) A sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money). Antonyms. failure ending appearance beginning success disappearance sympatry. happening gold rush boom windfall godsend.

What is a birthday Bonanza?

Order Online a Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Combine Premium Birthday Cake ice cream, add Gummy Bears, and mixed with assorted sprinkles. You’ll be in ice cream heaven!

What is a birthday bonanza?

Which is the best definition of the word Bonanza?

Definition of bonanza. 1 mining : an exceptionally large and rich mineral deposit (as of an ore, precious metal, or petroleum) 2a : something that is very valuable, profitable, or rewarding a box-office bonanza. b : a very large amount a bonanza of sympathy. c : extravaganza channels planning all-day viewing bonanzas— William Borders.

What does it mean to have a bonanza in April?

/bəˈnæn.zə/. a situation from which large profits are made: The rise in house prices meant that those who were selling enjoyed a bonanza. April was a bonanza month for car sales.

What was the cost of the Bonanza Bonanza?

Shippers prepared for a bonanza that never materialized, and now they are paying the high cost of sending partly empty vessels around the world. The woman is one of two people to win the $380 million bonanza.

Is there going to be a Bonanza on the east coast?

— San Diego Union-Tribune, 13 Aug. 2021 Reuters Towering wind turbines already speckle seas across Europe and Asia and a boom in construction is expected to bring an economic bonanza to the US East Coast. — Clarisa Diaz, Quartz, 28 June 2021 More deep-pocketed residents will mean a bonanza for restaurants, bars and high-end retailers.

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