What does a DrayTek do?

What does a DrayTek do?

DrayTek Corp. DrayTek (Chinese: 居易科技; pinyin: Jūyì Kējì) is a manufacturer of broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, routers and wireless LAN devices.

What is a DrayTek Vigor?

Draytek Vigor 2762N ADSL2+/VDSL2 Modem Router/Wireless-N The Vigor2762 Series is VDSL2/ADSL2+ modem/router with Firewall and VPN integrated. It provides 1 RJ-11 WAN port for connecting to xDSL line directly, the embedded xDSL modem is compatible with all the common VDSL and ADSL modulations.

Does DrayTek 2830 support VDSL?

The Vigor 2830’s secondary WAN interface can be connected to other modems now or later (e.g. a second ADSL, a VDSL/BT Infinity or cable modem etc.). Packed with features, the Vigor 2830 offers truly comprehensive ADSL connectivity and security.

How do I find my DrayTek modem code?

Type “telnet 192.168. Enter the username of “admin”, press enter, then enter the password for the router. Enter “sys ver” to show the firmware version and modem code details.

How do I update DrayTek router firmware?

In the router’s web interface, go to [System Maintenance] – [Firmware Upgrade] which will show the these options: The Web Firmware Upgrade section has the Browse and Upgrade options to select then start the upgrade.

Is VDSL Fibre?

A VDSL Fibre Modem allows you to take advantage of the latest Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) Broadband. VDSL2, Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, or FTTC Fibre to the Cabinet is the next generation of DSL technology.

What is DrayTek default IP?

DrayTek Access Point’s will receive an IP Address via DHCP automatically or if they are unable to contact a DHCP server they will use 192.168. 1.2 by default.

Is the Draytek Vigor 2860n a good router?

The Draytek Vigor 2860n is among the most versatile business routers we’ve ever reviewed. It’s capable of balancing or switching between up to three different WAN connections.

Is there a free trial for the vigor 2860?

A free 30-day trial is included with your new router. The Vigor 2860 features three methods of WAN connectivity – ADSL/VDSL, Ethernet (Gigabit, switchable with LAN6) and a USB port for connection of a 3G modem. The Ethernet port can connect to a second ADSL modem (e.g. Vigor 120 ), a cable modem or any other Ethernet-based Internet feed.

Is the vigor 2860n compatible with the 5Ghz band?

The standard Vigor 2860n supports all 2.4Ghz band channels. The Vigor 2860ac additionally supports simultaneous operation of the new 5Ghz band. The 5Ghz band is far less congested so if your PCs or other devices support the 5Ghz band, you can use that. The Vigor 2860ac operate both bands at the same time, so your devices can use either.

How many VPN tunnels does the vigor 2860 support?

The Vigor 2860 allows you to set up up to 32 simultaneous VPN tunnels to remote offices or teleworkers. The Vigor 2860 supports all industry standard protocols, including encryption and authentication methods.

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