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What does a blood scan show?

What does a blood scan show?

A White Blood Cell Scan is a nuclear imaging test that looks for infection, inflammation or an abscess in the body, particularly in the abdomen. The material that allows us to do this scan contains a very small amount of radioactivity, making it safer for the patient.

How long does a tagged RBC scan take?

Scanning starts immediately after receiving the blood back and takes about 1 hour. You will not feel anything different from the injected material. The procedure takes about 1½ hours.

What do red blood cells detect?

For example, the red blood cell (RBC) count, hemoglobin (Hgb), and hematocrit (HCT) are the most important values needed to tell whether a person has anemia. But the red blood cell indices and the blood smear also help with the diagnosis and may show a possible cause for the anemia.

What does it mean when your red cells are high?

What is a high red blood cell count? A high red blood cell count is a condition called polycythemia vera. If you have this medical condition, it means that your bone marrow is producing too many red blood cells. This can result in thickening of the blood, slow flow of blood, and eventually blood clots.

Can tumors be found in blood test?

Tumor markers are chemicals made by tumor cells that can be detected in your blood. But tumor markers are also produced by some normal cells in your body, and levels may be significantly elevated in noncancerous conditions. This limits the potential for tumor marker tests to help in diagnosing cancer.

How long is a bleeding scan?

The entire exam will take approximately 2 hours. During the first part of the exam an IV will be placed in a vein in your arm and 3-5mL blood will be collected. During the next 30 minutes the blood will be combined with the radioactive tracer in our lab.

Will a CT scan show a GI bleed?

CT angiography is an accurate examination for identifying the source of acute GI bleeding. A meta-analysis of data from 672 patients with moderate to severe UGIB and/or LGIB revealed an overall sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 92% for detection of the bleeding site.

What does a high RBC count indicate?

A high RBC count tells us that there has been an increase in oxygen-carrying cells in blood. This usually indicates that the body is compensating for some condition that is depriving the body of oxygen, including: A low RBC count indicates a decrease in oxygen-carrying cells in the blood.

What is a RBC scan?

RBC (nuclear) scan. An RBC nuclear scan is a group of tests using small amounts of radioactive material to mark (tag) red blood cells (RBCs). The body is then scanned to detect the location and flow of the tagged RBCs (see also nuclear ventriculography).

What is a GI – bleed scan?

A GI Bleed Scan is performed to visualize or rule out bleeding of the organs of the GI system, such as the stomach, small bowel, or colon. No preparation is needed for this exam.

What is a nuclear bleeding scan?

Nuclear Medicine Gastrointestinal Bleeding Scan. A GI bleeding scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test that can help detect the origin of your child’s gastrointestinal bleeding.

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