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What do you mean by polygenic inheritance?

What do you mean by polygenic inheritance?

Polygenic inheritance refers to the kind of inheritance in which the trait is produced from the cumulative effects of many genes in contrast to monogenic inheritance in which the trait results from the expression of one gene (or one gene pair).

What is a polygenic trait in humans?

A polygenic trait is one whose phenotype is influenced by more than one gene. Traits that display a continuous distribution, such as height or skin color, are polygenic. Many polygenic traits are also influenced by the environment and are called multifactorial.

What are three examples of polygenic inheritance in humans?

Polygenic traits have many possible phenotypes (physical characteristics) that are determined by interactions among several alleles. Examples of polygenic inheritance in humans include traits such as skin color, eye color, hair color, body shape, height, and weight.

What best describes polygenic inheritance?

Polygenic inheritance occurs when one character is controlled by two or more genes. The genes are often large in quantity but small in effect. Complete answer: The human ABO blood group system describes codominance for a gene with multiple alleles.

What is polygenic inheritance mention one example?

Polygenic inheritance occurs when one characteristic is controlled by two or more genes. Often the genes are large in quantity but small in effect. Examples of human polygenic inheritance are height, skin color, eye color and weight.

What are polygenes Class 12?

Complete answer: Polygenic inheritance occurs when one characteristic of an organism is controlled by two or more genes. When more than two alternative alleles of the gene occupy the same locus on chromosome it is known as multiple alleles. It is also termed as more than two contrasting alleles for a gene.

What is an example of polygenic inheritance?

Some examples of polygenic inheritance are: human skin and eye color; height, weight and inteligence in people; and kernel color of wheat. In polygenic inheritance the “dominant” capital genes are additive, each capital gene adding one unit of color to the genotype.

How does polygenic inheritance differ from Mendelian inheritance?

How does polygenic inheritance differ from Mendelian inheritance? Polygenic inheritance is the inheritance pattern of a trait that is controlled by two or more alleles. Mendelian inheritance are dominant traits. What things can influence gene expression?

Which of the following traits in humans are controlled by polygenes?

In humans, height, skin color, hair color, and eye color are examples of polygenic traits. Type-2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, and arthritis are also deemed as a polygenic. However, these conditions are not just genetic since polygenes can be influenced by environmental factors.

What are polygenes explain with suitable example?

Polygenes: Characters are determined by two or more gene pairs, and they have additive or cumulative effect. Such genes are called cumulative genes or polygenes or multiple factors. An example of human skin colour to understand the phenomenon of polygenic inheritance.

What is polygenic inheritance explain with example?

What is chromosome theory of inheritance?

The Chromosomal Theory of inheritance, proposed by Sutton and Boveri, states that chromosomes are the vehicles of genetic heredity. Whereas linkage causes alleles on the same chromosome to be inherited together, homologous recombination biases alleles toward an inheritance pattern of independent assortment.

What is example of polygenic traits?

The traits which are controlled by more than one gene are called polygenic traits. Examples of polygenic inheritance include height, weight, eye color and skin color. Characters controlled by multiple genes are also called quantitative characters.

Which definition best describes polygenic traits?

Polygenic Traits Definition. Polygenic traits are traits that are controlled by multiple genes instead of just one. The genes that control them may be located near each other or even on separate chromosomes. Because multiple genes are involved, polygenic traits do not follow Mendel’s pattern of inheritance.

What is the definition of polygenic?

polygenic – of or relating to an inheritable character that is controlled by several genes at once; of or related to or determined by polygenes. genetic science, genetics – the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms.

What is a polygenic gene?

A “polygene” or “multiple gene inheritance” is a member of a group of non- epistatic genes that interact additively to influence a phenotypic trait. The term “monozygous” is usually used to refer to a hypothetical gene as it is often difficult to characterise the effect of an individual gene from the effects…

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