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What did the ending of The Flash mean?

What did the ending of The Flash mean?

After the Flash Family tried to stop the clones, Barry ended up giving August what he wanted, but Godspeed went back on his promise in true villain fashion. While August had organic speed in his system, Barry and Iris put plan B into motion to stop the psychotic speedster: using the Negative Speed Force.

Why did Caitlin leave The Flash?

Upon nearly being forced to take the meta-human cure against her will, Frost instead struck a deal with her judge to serve life in prison without parole, leaving Caitlin to live on her own once more.

Did The Flash stop the singularity?

The Singularity was an event in Central City caused by the reopening of an unstable wormhole due to Eobard Thawne’s future power source, resulting in a destructive black hole that was ultimately stopped by Firestorm’s sacrifice with help from The Flash.

Who is Godspeed in the Flash Season 7?

Karan Oberoi
Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season 7 finale of The Flash. Carlos Valdes, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and John Wesley Shipp weren’t the only familiar faces who returned to The Flash for the season-ending battle against Godspeed (Karan Oberoi).

Is Caitlin Snow pregnant?

Is Caitlin Snow expecting a baby? Actress Danielle Panabaker announced that she’s pregnant with her and her husband Hayes Robbins’ first child back in November, but it wasn’t clear at the time whether the 32-year-old’s bump would transition over to her character on The Flash.

Why didnt Barry save his mother?

The simple answer to why Barry decided not to save his mother at the last minute is that his future-self warned him not to, but that of course leads to another question: Why did future Barry stop him?

What episode does Flash run into a black hole?

Into the Void
I’ve been saving this for the right moment since day one.” “Really, Cisco?” “The guy is running in and out of a black hole.” “Into the Void” is the first episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fifteenth episode overall.

How did Barry Allen become the next flash?

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he’s been given the power of super speed, becoming the next Flash, fighting crime in Central City.

Is the Flash in Batman The Long Halloween?

There was nothing in either of the Batman: The Long Halloween movies to suggest that Batman was part of the Justice League, or indeed that there were any other costumed crimefighters in the world of the film. Presumably, Green Arrow and The Flash would not have come to Bruce Wayne’s front door in full costume, even on Halloween night, if he were.

Is there a post credit scene in Batman The Long Halloween Part 2?

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 had a post-credits scene with some surprising cameos, which may set up the next DC Comics animated film. Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2. The animated movie Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 has a surprising post-credits scene.

What’s the Order of the end credits crawl?

CLOSING CREDITS ORDER: THE END CREDITS CRAWL The end credits crawl typically begins where the individual end credit title cards leave off. Often, the first credits that appear in the crawl are production department personnel, such as the Unit Production Manager. The entire cast is often listed next.

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