What day did Manon Rheaume play in the NHL?

What day did Manon Rheaume play in the NHL?

September 23, 1992
First woman to play in a National Hockey League game, which also made her the first woman to play in any of the major professional North American sports leagues (September 23, 1992).

Did Manon Rheaume win her NHL game?

Manon Rhéaume (born February 24, 1972) is a retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender. An Olympic silver medalist, she achieved a number of historic firsts during her career, including becoming the first woman to play in any of the major North American pro-sports leagues….

Manon Rhéaume
Position Goaltender
Caught Left

Who is the only woman to play in the NHL?

Manon Rheaume
In 1992, goalie and Olympic silver medalist Manon Rheaume played for the Tampa Bay Lightning in an exhibition game against the St. Louis Blues, becoming the first female NHL player.

Is there a female NHL player?

No woman has played in an NHL game since Rheaume. But Knight and teammates Amanda Kessel and Meghan Duggan demonstrated their skills at 2018 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend at Amalie Arena in Tampa, with Knight posting a time in accuracy shooting that would have challenged most of the men.

Why is there no checking in women’s hockey?

Due to their dangerous nature and increased likelihood of causing serious injury, these hits can have penalties ranging from a minor two-minute penalty to a major and game misconduct. In women’s ice hockey, any body checking is a penalty and is also not allowed in leagues with young children.

How much is a Manon Rheaume card worth?

Manon Rheaume Hockey Trading Card Values

1992 Classic Draft Picks #59 Manon Rheaume $0.34
1993 Classic Pro Prospects #5 Manon Rheaume $0.21
1993 Classic Pro Prospects #6 Manon Rheaume $0.34
1993 Classic Pro Prospects #7 Manon Rheaume $0.21
1993 Classic Pro Prospects #100 Manon Rheaume $0.34

How old was Manon Rheaume when she played in the NHL?

Manon Rheaume’s heart stopped feeling like it was going to explode out of her chest when the puck dropped. The 20-year-old goalie had just broken the NHL’s gender barrier, but she’d managed to convince herself that this 1992-93 pre-season game between her Tampa Bay Lightning and the St.

Who is the first girl in the NHL?

Manon Rhéaume
Manon Rhéaume became the first woman to play in the NHL in 1992.

What is a body check in hockey?

Bodychecking is a defensive move where a player tries to separate the puck from a player on the other team. During a check, the defensive player purposefully uses his upper body to hit the puck carrier with force while moving in the opposite or same direction.

When can you body check in hockey?

When is body checking allowed? Currently, the USA Hockey Association’s rules state that players under the age of 12 are not allowed to body check when playing in recognized leagues.

Who was the first woman in the NHL?

Manon Rheaume: First woman to play in NHL Bowman goes on to set NHL records for most games coached (2,141), most victories (1,244) and most Stanley Cup championships (nine).

Where did Manon Rheaume play in the NHL?

She played for seven different teams between 1992 and 1997, including Atlanta, the Knoxville Cherokees, Nashville Knights, the Las Vegas Aces, the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks, Las Vegas Thunder, and the Reno Renegades, appearing in a total of 24 games. While in Atlanta, Rhéaume wrote her autobiography, Manon: Alone in Front of the Net.

When did Rick Rheaume play for the Port Huron Icehawks?

In October 2008, the IHL’s Port Huron Icehawks announced plans to have Rhéaume take part in their training camp activities and play for at least one period of the team’s exhibition season opener. On April 3, 2009, Rhéaume suited up for one game with the Flint Generals IHL team.

Where does Manon Rheaume coach Little Caesars hockey team?

As of 2017, Rhéaume resides in Michigan and coaches Detroit Little Caesar’s under-12 girls hockey team. Rhéaume guest-starred as herself in the made-for-TV movie A Beachcombers Christmas with Tiger Williams and Jyrki Lumme. At the height of her popularity, she was approached to pose for Playboy Magazine, which she refused.

What did Manon Rheaume do for a living?

In 1999, she was hired by Mission Hockey as head of global marketing for women’s hockey. One of her projects was helping develop hockey skates for women. Rhéaume formed the Manon Rhéaume Foundation in 2008, which provides scholarships for young women.

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