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What causes damage to the optic nerve?

What causes damage to the optic nerve?

What Causes Optic Nerve Damage? Optic nerve damage case be caused by eye diseases like glaucoma, poor blood flow (ischemic optic neuropathy), shock or trauma, toxins such as lead or carbon monoxide, radiation, or diseases of the central nervous system.

What is optic neuropathy?

Optic neuropathy is a catch-all term that refers to damage inflicted on the optic nerve in your eye. This is the nerve in the back of the eyeball that transfers visual information from your eye to the brain, allowing you to see. This condition is one that gets worse over time, when not treated.

What foods have citicoline?

CLA is in many animal products, like milk, beef, and other meat. Grass-fed beef may have higher levels of CLA than grain-fed beef. It’s also in sunflower and safflower oil. Cooking food may increase levels of CLA.

How safe is citicoline?

No serious safety issues have been reported with citicoline treatment [13]. In fact, in a meta-analysis of trials for cerebral dysfunction in elderly people, citicoline tended to be more tolerable than the placebo [11]. However, the safety of long-term (>9 months) citicoline supplementation is not known.

What is an Aion?

Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) is a sudden loss of vision due to an interruption of blood flow to the front (anterior) of the optic nerve, also known as the optic nerve head. The optic nerve’s job is to carry visual information from the eye to the brain, which assembles this information into images.

What is optic neuropathy symptoms?

Optic neuritis occurs when swelling (inflammation) damages the optic nerve — a bundle of nerve fibers that transmits visual information from your eye to your brain. Common symptoms of optic neuritis include pain with eye movement and temporary vision loss in one eye.

What is the best citicoline?

Cognizin® is the best available choline source on the market in 2018. Cognizin® is superior-quality, patented Citicoline known for its safety, absorption and stability.

What are the symptoms of choline deficiency?

Symptoms and risks of choline deficiency include:

  • Feeling anxious or restless.
  • Fatty liver, otherwise known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Muscle damage.
  • Hyperhomocysteinemia.
  • Hemorrhagic kidney necrosis.
  • Cancer.

How can I change the language of Aion?

To select your preferred language click the settings cog in the top right-hand corner and select “Launcher language” and choose your language option. This will not affect the web carousel language settings or the in-game language settings for Aion which will remain in English. What games are available on the new NC Launcher?

Why is Aion added to the NC launcher?

The introduction of the new NC Launcher is intended as the starting point where you will have a singular location to be able to install, update and launch all NCSOFT games from one application. Aion is now joining Lineage II and Blade & Soul as the latest game to be added to the new NC Launcher.

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