What cars can use Cobb?

What cars can use Cobb?


  • BMW.
  • FORD.
  • AUDI.
  • MAZDA.

Is a Cobb tune worth it?

Your best bet is to get the car protuned to safely extract every bit of power. Unless you go open source, the cobb accessport is REQUIRED when getting protuned. So yes cobb accessport is worth it, especially the V3 accessports.

What does the Cobb tuner do?

They are specialized in modifying mechanical components like turbo kits, exhaust system and suspension to electronic parts and ECU management. COBB hit the market strong using one of the first hand held units (Accessport) to access the cars performance potential.

How much HP does a Cobb AccessPORT add?

Cars utilizing a Stage1+BigSF or Stage2+BigSF map with the COBB Big SF Intake System can expect to see 10-12 HP in addition to the presented non-SF dyno charts.

Are Cobb tunes Safe?

Yes they are safe. They are nothing more than a tool to simplify the tuning process (and yes they do show nifty gauges as well). As a tool though it enables you to use different maps on your car tailored to whatever modifications you have.

What does a Cobb tuner do?

How much HP does Stage 2 Cobb add?

Stage 2 and Stage2+BigSF produce peak gains of +19%HP / +40% TQ over stock and maximum gains of +110% HP / +110% TQ over stock when using 93 octane fuel.

Will a Cobb tune void warranty?

Some items used and/or installed by COBB Tuning may void portions of your vehicle’s factory warranty. COBB Tuning makes no guarantees to the legality of any parts used for “on highway vehicles” and accepts no responsibility for compliance with the vehicle’s factory warranty.

Who is Cobb Tuning in Rockwall TX?

COBB Tuning is an automotive engineering company founded in Rockwall TX by Trey COBB in 1999. The Subaru WRX was the very first vehicle in the COBB catalogue. COBB was also the first company to offer ECU tuning and other Subaru performance parts for the WRX.

What do you need to know about Cobb Tuning?

Whether it’s our state-of-the-art Subaru Accessport ECU programmer or our, exceptional bolt-on performance parts, or simply replacement maintenance or repair part upgrades, COBB Tuning has the experience, skill and attitude to meet any Subaru owner’s specific car needs.

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